How to Choose a Good Directory Submission

Have you noticed more and more emails promising to submit your site to over 1000 directories for $50-$400? Well the truth of the matter is most directories they submit your site to are worthless. Sure this is arguable, but the fact of the matter is ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish with these web directory submissions? If you are planning to submit your site to any Internet directory or looking for someone else to do this task, then make sure you choose a good web directory. It is easy to get high page ranks of Internet directories, if you follow rules and regulations of those directories.

Generally, there are two main reasons to submit a web site in web directories. The first is to get massive amount of traffic for your site and second is to get higher page ranks.

Things to Consider:
While selecting a good directory submission, you have to check its listings to make sure that the site gets exposure from good web directories, so that you get more traffic for your web site. Examples of such good directories include Google, Yahoo and DMOZ.

In fact, Google result pages are drawn mainly from DMOZ, while Yahoo uses its self-directory listings to give best results. It is important to remember that human editors edit these Internet directories and hence, you have to be very specific in choosing an appropriate category for your site, or else directory owners reject your site.

As the Internet gets loaded with numerous web directories, you may find it difficult to submit your site into each one after another. Usually, these web directories have several categories to wrap any topic.

A good web directory submits your site to as many directories as possible that may generate hordes of one-way links for your web site, increasing your web site's page rankings and comes amongst the top 10 lists of Internet directories.

In recent days, many web sites make use of SEO techniques to get targeted traffic. This helps to get better search engine lists once the directory submission is done successfully. You can also use SEO consultants or SEO service providers in this regard. In fact, many web directories give high rank to web sites, provided they have good SEO articles. So hire SEO writers or professionals to get good page rankings.

Finally, remember that good directory submission service offers a comprehensive report that justifies that it has submitted your site to quality web directories. You may give all relevant information about your site along with your email id, where you will get all the confirmation emails from web directories. All you have to do is just click on anyone of them to verify your submission for directory listing. This is mandatory and without this, it is impossible to get directory listing. Always consider the directory list before agreeing to have your SEO company or data entry person do the job.

Google Friend Connect Feature and Implications for Wider Social Media

I am not sure if you've missed me but I have missed you. Today I will give you some information regarding the Social media and all their implications. Basically the good the bad and the ugly. Google Friend Connect is a service promoted to help web site owners to create traffic by allowing any web site on the Internet to offer social features for its visitors or consumers.

Google Friend Connect allows you to create traffic effortlessly and adds various social features to your web site. With just a few codes, you get more people getting more profoundly attracted to your web site.

It attracts more visitors to your site and these visitors visiting your site bring along their pals from other social network web sites such as Orkut or Facebook to communicate on your web site.

Google Friend Connect offers prominent social features from a list of devices offered by OpenSocial developer community and Google. No need of programming, as you simply need to copy and paste snips of code onto your web site, and Google Friend Connect does this job for you.

Implications for Social Media:
Many SEO specialists and professional SEO consultants believe that web sites other than social networking sites, who wish to be social, face many obstructions for implications to social media. Google Friend Connect has changed this trend by allowing any web site to provide dozens of social conveniences offered by Google and OpenSocial creators.

This ultimately means more visitors browsing for longer durations on a more appealing web site with zero hidden programming procedures. As a web site owner, Google Friend Connect offers you an opportunity to add social features to your web site without needing to write a code.

Google Friend Connect offers a vital set of social gadgets such as picture sharing, reviews, message board, and member management for implications to wider social media. The prime gadget is the member's gadget. It offers effective social features for media:

1. You can sign up with existing Yahoo!, OpenID, AIM, or Google account.
2. Next, you also can display activities to existing friends in Google Talk, Plaxo, Orkut, Facebook, and hi5.
3. You can browse through profiles of members across various social networking sites.
4. Finally, you can connect with friends on your personal web site.

Finally, after adding the member's gadget along with other supplementary social gadgets of Google Friend Connect, your web site visitors may start welcoming their friends and will engage with your web site more sincerely.

Many professional SEO services and SEO service providers have stated Google Friend Connect as a junction for several social networking web sites, which promotes its implications for wider social media.

As you can see this is not a bad thing. Most web developers will have their own opinion, but as a SEO copywriter I try to advise my clients on the best strategy for their web presence.

Facebook and Implications to Society

According to SEO specialists, Facebook has more than 20 million members registered generating 1.5 billion page views every day. This site tightly integrates the daily media patterns of its users. Generally, users on an average spend about 15 minutes everyday on this site and three fourths of users make use of Facebook at least once a day.

Taking advantage of its accomplishment among college students, Facebook established a high school edition in early September 2005. In 2006, the corporation created communities for business organizations and since then, almost 22,300 corporations had Facebook directories.

In 2006, about 2500 United Stated colleges made use of Facebook, which became the seventh most well liked site on the Internet relating to total page views. The only requirement for joining Facebook is a legitimate e-mail address.

To connect with coworkers or classmates, people can use their work or school e-mail address to register. Once a person registers, the next step is to join a regional network to interact with people in surrounding areas.

In Facebook, people can see profiles of only those people in their network and confirmed friends. Privacy settings are present, which control who can see what.

Implications to Society:

According to professional SEO writers and professional SEO services, the comparatively open nature of information provided by Facebook participants and the lack of confidentiality controls enacted, users are putting themselves at threat of both online (identity theft) and off-line (stalking).

Facebook enables individuals to articulate their social networks, present themselves, and view each other's profiles, gather friends who can send messages on pages and maintain or establish connections with others. This site is oriented towards romantic relationship initiation, work related contexts, college student population and linking those with common interests such as politics or music.

Participants can use Facebook to communicate with people they know off-line or to meet new people. It is also possible for Facebook members to join virtual groups depending on shared interests, learn each other's interests, hobbies, romantic relationship status and musical tastes by browsing through different profiles and see what courses they have in common.

Facebook is a valuable site for SEO consultants and SEO service providers concerned with affordances of social networks because of its technological capacities and heavy usage patterns, which bridge off-line and online connections.

Facebook represents an alternate online to off-line trend wherein it mainly serves as a geographically bound community. According to professional SEO consultants, the original manifestation of Facebook information technology enhances a place-based community and results in the production of social capital.

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