SEO vs. SEM who’s your Daddy? Part II

Now lets imagine you visit that same department store looking specifically for new lingerie. However this time you are miraculously and instantly teleported to the lingerie department without having to go through the whole store? There are no trinkets or other things that capture you attention. This is what they call SEM (paid search) landing page.

Due to the Search engine result page (SERP) you are going to be directed by your keywords, the SEM procedure is direct and ultimately become more profitable for the owners of that site, especially when you have people asking for specific requests.

Using paid listing will give the owner’s of that site full control of what you as the user sees once you have clicked on their page. Again this destination in my case would be the lingerie department. It can even become specific if I as the buyer know the name and the brand of what I am looking for. Therefore the user would jump directly from the search page to buy exactly what they are looking for. Remember the closer I am to what my mindset was when I first started this search the more I am going buy right then and there.

Clicks in Full action.

Here is a good example of how the SEM and SEO landing page are going to vary. When I place lingerie in the Google search engine I am given Results 1-10 of about 99,400,000 for Lingerie. The first one on the paid results is Red door Lingerie. When I click on their website it is clear their SEO Title tag has been designed to function the way it should. Their keywords on their home page are “lingerie, sexy lingerie, fine lingerie” which then takes me to their organic landing page. Here as you can see the multiple mentions of their keywords is part of their title. Now if I had clicked directly to their link in the paid ad that click takes me directly to their order page. Please look at the picture below. There you will notice I am at the order page. That page has keywords that reflect free shipping order etc.

Basically when a retailer uses 2 landing pages one for their home page that show all products they sell and the other directly to their order page is how proper SEO and SEM is used. Again keep in mind an SEO page will have all the generic product the retailer sells and the SEM page will have all the actual order process. Therefore as a retailer one should consider having 2 landing pages in order to use and share with the consumer a complete web experience.

SEO vs. SEM who’s your Daddy?

Today we will discuss the difference between 2 categories of website searches. In order to get website visitors keep in mind they will fall into 2 major categories- SEO Search engine optimization also known as organic search and search engine marketing – SEM also known as paid search.

Since both techniques result in website traffic, the methods and goals are radically different, especially when considering where you site visitor came from and what they see when they arrive- the landing page. Now I know a lot of you may be thinking been there done that, what you didn’t know is SEO pages tend to be website home pages and very general in nature. On the other hand SEM landing pages are very specific and offer a greater level of control. But both are essential for most desirable conversions.

When designing and putting a site together for a client the landing page should have a specific goal in mind. The goal therefore is to push more specific quality traffic to the website through the search engine. However when you are looking for a targeted landing page, unlike the generic home page, it should be designed and relevant to what a user has just seen on the SERP (search engine results page) making good on the listing offer.

THE SEO Experience

Think about it in simpler terms lets say you go shopping at a department store, with a specific item in mind to buy- Lets say a bra (since I am female we always need new ones) You enter through the front door and notice every little thing on your way to the lingerie department. The sales, decorations, toys, maybe even a coffee shop on the way will catch your attention. If you are like me distractions will become strong enough to make you go blank and completely forget what you came in for in the first place, or you could ignore them until you reach your final destination in the lingerie department.

The landing page or “home” associated with organic listings isn’t going to be that different. The SEO landing pages have to cater to the browsing humans and search engines bots that are not set up to look for a particular item. Due to this your marketing focus is indirect at best.

On the other hand (this is where it become a 2 edged sword) the organic listing you will see is spewed out by algorithms (a procedure for solving a mathematical problem like finding the greatest common divisor in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation) are not going to be controlled by the retailers so easily. Most search engines will look at the home page first and rank it as the most important page based on the relevancy of the queries. This should encourage you to code your pages on broader terms, in order to gain a wider readership. Basically organic landing pages are not driven by rates of conversion. The main goal here would be to get a higher ranking and mucho traffic. This is great if you just want traffic with no real customer quality. Come back tomorrow and I shall give you more information… Like the SEM of E-commerce experience.

Are you looking for good SEO copywriting?

Flow with good SEO copy writing is not an easy task. I am amazed at how many people think they have this market cornered. Look I have been doing this for 10 years and I am still learning every day. This isn’t easy nor is the formula constant.

Methodologies of SEO:
Starting as early as 1995 to 2008 this industry has changed In the infancy of Yahoo SEO was born. There basic idea was to have a search engine work on the concept of the yellow pages. Starting with the alphabetical A to A#1. Basically keywords were seasoned here and there. It was all just a stab in the dark. They tested and tried variations of the concept. As a matter of fact on Yahoo you can still get your site submitted and added in less than 72 hours.

By the late 90’ around 1996 some of the first pages appear throughout the web with Search Engine programs, matching text, and mining data. The general public started to learn how their database worked. It was like having a light bulb of Eureka that’s how this puppy works. Then the “algo” started to become more comprehensive. Specifically Excite got wind of what Yahoo was doing and in turn fine tuned the SEO parameters and generated #1 pages with the correct keywords. People started to realize that these sites were portals and manipulations of words started to take place.

Then Infoseek, Hotbot, AltaVista started to get into the game. Simple results of getting on the top of search engines started to become a serious problem when these giants came into the game. People started to see their pages rise to the top of the page ranks within less than 24 hours of submitting their websites. Then like everything else on the World Wide Web. Page jacking started to take place. People started stealing their competitor’s codes and would kick each other off the first page ranking.

Oh brother what to do? The algo decoding had some serious problems ahead of them. By the late 90’s specifically 1998 several of the big optimization firms started hiring programmer that could write algo-cracking codes. This would enable them to get into the first top 10 positions. Entire websites were going crazy with their rankings.

Finally the Search engines got wind of these tactics and put a stop to all this double and triple submission and only allowed limited submissions per site. What about the Spam’s pop up links and doorways? They started showing up everywhere on the Internet during the 1998 and 1999 frenzy. Some were good if you could stay under the radar then your site wasn’t getting kicked off. But there was a period when large amounts of site were getting banned and kicked off due to this practice. I am sure if you have been doing this as long as I have you recall hideous bothersome pop up windows. God forbid you ever went on a porn site because of a keyword you may have used! My goodness you had more pop-up windows slamming into your monitor than you could close at once. This looked horrible especially if it was an accident.

Not to bore you but by the early 2000 into 2002 Google got a hold of the “search engines” it was Goggle all the time. They have tightened the reigns of SEO and submitting sites and now you play clean and fair. Not to say you cannot pay to get ranked but it’s all about your ad words and keywords usage.

So You want Google Ranking?

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about SEO I come back at you with more information. How do I do it? Well it’s called reading staying informed, being a geek and discussing the skinny on SEO.

So you want to get Google ranking? Then you have to be serious about links. Today I will discuss some of the ways to do that and a step-by-step scenario since some of you need some handholding. Now I am sure you know there are tons of ways to do this but I am sure I have mentioned I want to do this as free or as close to free as possible. Strap on the belt and read.

Top ways to get top Google ranking

  • Lets start by directory inbound linking. Basically Google liked those because it shows Google you have some weight with someone. Almost like an endorsement. I am sure you have seen the DMOZ. Org this is the Open Directory Project. As a matter of fact they power Google so how do you like that for endorsement.
  • When you get to the various directories make sure you link your site properly. There will be a Paid Submission, which we want to stay away from but in case you have a few bucks (most of us don’t) and for the sake of being thorough in this article I should mention it can cost around $300 (Yahoo Directory) up to a thousand dollars with other commercial sites that will review and then submit your link.
  • Next is the Free Submission. Yeah pretty amazing there is anything left Free on the Internet. But there are a few it will just take some time for you to find them or you can read my articles blogs and reap the benefits. So the big ones are going to be Google, Yahoo, AOL, Alexa,, Not necessarily in that order but as long as you include you link on those sites and make sure you place them in the right directory half your efforts will be taken care of. Just like anything else however make sure you go back and check in a couple of weeks.
  • Getting a featured link or paid link inclusion. Once again I have to mention all of the options. Basically this can be a paid inclusion or you can do an exchange of banner with some sites. Some are better than others and some will charge you some money. But if you know how to Shmoozle also known as Shmooze in other parts of the country you can get this done by sharing a page with some of your shmoozle efforts. (In case you don’t know what shmoozle is it’s scratch my back, scratch your back concept, some call it mafia, some call it politics, I call it shmoozle.)

I have discovered the top 5 Directories but now I have to get some work done therefore I cannot give them to you. But I promise you come back I shall give you the list and how to do it again. A step by step tutorial on how to gain ground in the World of Google ranking and all your SEO efforts.

Does your SEO have heart?

The insatiable appetite for fame and for instant gratification has taken us by storm and we don’t even notice it. I was born in the 60’s and there was a place in my heart for peace, love and laisser fairs attitude. As with all artists the thought was that one-day the world would become more acceptable of change and diversity.

No matter what the price today it needs to happen right away. From Blogging, you Tubing, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Now the latest thing Twittering. And if you are in the Internet industry SEO is the heart of that business.

When I was growing up things were different, as I am sure they are with any generation. However I was raised in Lebanon millions of miles away from the US including with a different culture a different language with different values. That’s not to say it was better or worst but at 9 years of age I still genuflected when I met my parents friends and called all adults “Madame and Messieurs”.

There was never a need to stand out in the crowd nor was there a need to become better than others, you just had your instilled values and parents to guide you through the hard times and your girlfriends to discuss boys. Since talking to your parents would ensure you never seeing that boy again.

You are probably wondering what does that have to do with SEO. Plenty. If you read anyone’s blog about SEO they will more often than not tell you PPC and link backs should be part of your efforts in Search engine optimization in order to have a better PageRank. They will also tell you that the age of your website has a lot to do with your each ranking. So if you are just starting you make sure you buy your domain name for 10 years rather than just 2 or 5. It will cost a few extra dollars but like everything else. With age comes wisdom, and search engines will give your site more weight than a newer domain name.

But as a child of the 60’s I still refuse to believe I have to spend so much money in order to make money. If you are in the SEO industry I am sure you are well aware that in order to get a better page rank your first priority is the back end of your web site. From Meta tags to headers and to your Meta descriptions. But what if you are not a huge company with a lot of money set aside for expert opinions. Well then you start reading and hopefully you will find useful information regarding how to take the bull by the horns and doing your own SEO.

I must read more websites with more information about SEO and have yet to find anyone who has a different strategy. The one thing I can add to everyone’s’ guru advise is don’t stop doing what you are doing. That is if you are following my advice. SEO is all about adding sizzle before you fizzle. Don’t just add a list of keywords hoping your readers will find you. But look at keywords phrases; those seem to get more hits than just keywords.

I have found several sites that give you new information and can actually fix your code if you follow their instructions.

Search Engine Guide

In conclusion to SEO must have heart read up on SEO without trying to shoot your site to the stars overnight. It won’t happen unless it’s happening illegally. Keep in mind the 5 things I have mentioned through out this blog.

  • Content must be great.
  • Links have to have a certain value to your reader.
  • Organically optimize your site.
  • Make sure your websites are built to withstand crawling from the major Search engines.
  • Social Networking is a lot of work but pays off.

Do-It-Yourself SEO: A Beginner's Checklist

As a do it yourself SEO content developer I have been trying to give you as much information regarding the how to’s and how you don’t for the past month. I hope I have given you some valuable information. I have seen a few of you comment on how helpful some of the documents I have offered have been and a lot of you not saying a word. I say don’t be shy I want to encourage your questions in order to pone a dialogue and maybe even given me some examples and sites you have found of relevance.

It seems I am doing all the work and you people are not pitching in. Remember we all learn together with information since information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Enough of my sermon and back to business. Whether you have an SEO team you are working with or are doing this by yourself here are some more tips on how to promote your website during your spare time.

1. Search Engine-Friendly needs to be created
I have said this over and over again therefore pay attention and remember people want to read value not a barrage of useless information. Flash embedded text or the search engines will not read text embedded in your images. Therefore using important keywords is the answer, using hyperlinks in text form and use CSS as your “buttons” or image for your navigation link is the ticket. This will create great anchor text that will result in the search engines finding you easier and faster. Repetition is also another aspect just don’t overdo it. One way to see if your keywords are being crawled is to plug in those words in a search engine and take a look. Is it being crawled?

2. Keywords have to be chosen Wisely
If this is done properly from the beginning then your reaming efforts and moving forward will make your SEO efforts so much more remarkable. Use the
Keyword tools I have given you they are free. This will always be a good point of reference. Use phrases sometimes that how people will do a search. Most people out there don’t just use keywords when searching for information. Think about the last time you searched for something. If you are like me you will sue a sentence. For example, when searching for a store to buy your specialty food. You will use things like “ how to make humus, or where can I buy humus home made” Okay so you may not even know what humus is but once again I am going off on a tangent and I am sure you get the drift.

3. Keywords and phrase word variation
This is another thing to keep in mind there are tools that can help you with that. It’s called a Wordtracker. Or even a keyword discovery you can find these tools online or you can go to my SEO tools and bookmark them and people USE THEM. You can bring a horse to water but you cannot… well you know the rest.
Have other business link to you

It’s all about relationships. Don’t give up. Keep trying to find relevant sites that will give you a link back. But make sure it pertains to what you are doing. There are a lot of sites out there that will give you a reciprocal link you just have to do your homework and find them. This past weekend I have found several sites where I have added my link and they have reciprocated the link. Just a word of caution make sure they give you a link back and that it’s a two way street. Quality not quantity is the key here. Otherwise your readers will be turned off. Some of the methods are by:

Press releases with relevance to your website
Submission to good directories like Yahoo, Google or as Dave states ALEXA.
Clients you have worked with or worked for ask them if they would mind using your link as a potential link back. These are always taken into consideration when you are going to move up the PageRank ladder. Google and other search engines look to see how many links are available out there with your site.
Forums, chat spaces, logs that are relevant to what you are doing.

Articles articles and more articles
From Ezine articles, to submitting your articles that pertain to your business will always
Social media, bookmarking, and get viral. Join some of theses neighborhoods from Facebook, to you tube etc. Make sure it is all-relevant to what you are doing.

I hope this has helped and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Keep working at this I know it can be frustrating and it may not give you immediate results, but persistence, determination, and commitment will.

World News Did you know?

Everyday that I live in America I hear about what's going on in my backyard, I barely get any news from around the world unless it's really outrageous like the freak in Vienna... Well I should say Alleged freak,not fair since in America you are innocent until proven guilty, (*grumble mumbel the MF is guilty). A lot of things may not pertain to you and I directly but in order to become a stronger better informed country I feel it is my duty to get some tid bits of OTHER news in order for my readers to see... this country is not the Universe. Please read on. If you find any news that you would like to add to this blog feel free to drop me a line I will read it and include it.

'Dungeon dad' admits to incest
28/04/2008 14:22 - (SA)

Vienna - A 73-year-old Austrian admitted on Monday to having fathered seven children with his daughter whom he kept imprisoned in a dungeon for 24 years. Josef Fritzl, a retired electrical engineer from Amstetten in eastern Austria, had "started" to admit to having locked his daughter, Elisabeth, 42, in the basement in August 1984, the Austrian Press Agency said.(read more)

Divorce - who gets the pets?
24/04/2008 21:23 - (SA)

Sydney - Forget the family silver or the car. Increasing numbers of couples who split up have a greater bone of contention - who gets the family pet? With pets being treated more as one of the family than just an animal, the fate of Fido or Cuddles is becoming a growing problem which lawyers are taking on board, drafting "petimony" contracts and sparking a new focus on animal law issues. Michelle Brown, a family law expert from Sydney firm Watts McCray, said it's becoming more common for couples to share access to pets after they split but the law in most nations was not equipped for this.(read more)

Raikkonen leads Ferrari 1-2
(Reuters) 28 April 2008

BARCELONA — Ferrari’s world champion Kimi Raikkonen stretched his Formula One lead to nine points with a dominant win from pole position in the Spanish Grand Prix yesterday.
Brazilian Felipe Massa sealed Ferrari’s second successive one-two finish, and third win in a row, with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton third to revive his title challenge after a disappointing last race in Bahrain. Raikkonen’s 17th grand prix win left the Finn with 29 points, nine clear of closest rival Hamilton, and catapulted Ferrari back in front of BMW Sauber in the constructors’ standings. While Raikkonen had an uneventful afternoon in the sunshine, his compatriot Heikki Kovalainen was flown to hospital with concussion after his McLaren plunged across the gravel and into a tyre wall. (read more)

Militia crackdown pays off for al-Maliki
LIZ SLY; Chicago Tribune
Published: April 28th, 2008 01:00 AM

BAGHDAD – The fortunes of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have received an unexpected boost from his initially botched offensive against militias in Basra, which has turned into a standoff between al-Maliki and the Shiite Mahdi Army militia. The showdown is recalibrating the political balance in Iraq in ways that could help break the deadlock that has stalled progress on key measures including a new oil law and the broader issue of national reconciliation. (read more)

UN frustration at DRC allegations
By Laura Trevelyan
BBC News, New York

At UN headquarters there is both irritation and unease over the BBC story. Irritation because officials regard the allegations of gold smuggling in the Congo by Pakistani peacekeepers as rehashed. Unease because, as the head of UN peacekeeping, Jean-Marie Guehenno, put it in a letter to the BBC: "Every incident of misconduct by the Blue Helmets diminishes public confidence in our work and weakens the institution of peacekeeping." (read more)

The Eyes of my soul

The world as I see it... Sometimes

Looking into the eyes of a singular soul, I see the whole universe before me.

It leads me to the outside in and back again in an infinite loop of everything and nothing.

It bridges the gap between between good and bad, yesterday and tomorrow, and between the living and the dead.

It is a place where nothing is expressed in extremes, but is all one; thus defying all reference.

The gravity that holds us in place at this moment precisely to be here and gone in a flash is not a part of what the those luminescent eyes reflect.

This Universe of diverse complexity

SleepilyI furrowed my dark taned brow as I reached and grasped for the letters to formulate and become the words that stubbornly refused to surface.
We live in a universe of staggering complexity. Stars cluster into galaxies that form clusters of galaxies in sheets and walls with vast gaps between them.
On this blue pebble, life has proliferated upwards in complexity and diversity, giving rise to an explosion of molecular diversity, species diversity, niche diversity, the evolution of humans with language, a spawned web of technologies, laws, literature, and science.
The highway stretched before me unyieldingly melding into the hazy horizon as I pressed on the gas pedal persistently.
I can feel myself beginning to slip into a slumber as the motor's hum stealthily steals me away into the fog that has wrapped itself tightly about me. I can do nothing, but be carried away.
The humming is now the words I hear whispered by your lips pressed against my ear.
The warmth of your breath flows into me becoming one with the beating of my heart.
Weightless and balanced, I am floating on the energy you give as you move closer to my body.
You seem a million miles away as I hold my breath waiting for you to touch me. . . caressing me only with those eyes whose image, colors, patterns and soul will always be inside me, forever.

How to make money bloging

I have been blogging now for about 3 months sometimes I do it for clients and sometimes I do it because I have something to say. It may not be of any use to anyone but it gives me a space of my own where I can post whatever I want whenever I want to post it.

I was reading on the Internet some very interesting articles on how you can make money off your blogs .. this guy seems to have some great ideas. But I still don't get how you do it. Is he selling ads? I understand you have to get traffic and you have to entice your readers to post. But hell I can barely get anyone on this thing let alone have them join in a discussion or give them things to do. I can offer my articles and how to's on subjects I am familiar with.

I was thinking of doing videos of how to cook some delicious foods. I can cook after all I had a restaurant for 5 years. Great reviews and lots of loyal customers. Then I got CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and had to call it quits. I am sure doing all the drugs I was doing back then didn't help. But I was young running around with the wrong crowd. I am not proud of those days but I am proud of my accomplishments. I was 30 I had a successful business I was single living in one of the most amazing cities in the US . San Francisco, now I am getting older wiser and not doing drugs. lolol Well not completely clean I still smoke and drink, hey some habits are harder to break than others.

But I am going off the topic as I always seem to do lately. Some people call it ADD I call it having so much to say and not enough fingers and mouths to say them.But you know I also heard someone say "The ones who know say nothing and the ones that don't know say too much." Funny thing is it comes from some old Chinese proverb, aren't they the smart ones? Confucius always seemed to know so much than we do, yet we are supposedly the most advanced.

Here is what I learned today

  • Get traffic to your blog (still learning how to do that)
  • Post some interesting topics on your blog.
  • Have your reader join in a discussion.
  • Have a rating of something interesting on your blog.
  • Feed your blog to all sorts of social media bookmarks.
  • Comment all over the place. (only if it pertains to the topic)
  • Don't act a fool on other people's blogs.
  • Respond to your blogger
  • Stroke your blogger by making them famous. (umm that one is a little difficult)
  • Invite your blogger to leave comments. Almost like a call to action.
So there you have it dear readers. I am trying to do the right thing. I have noticed however that I am getting more hits on my blog. No thanks to anyone but my own efforts. Since I write and work on the Internet I try to squeeze my url every chance I get without being intrusive, I know I wouldn't want someone barging in on my blog. One last thing keep posting I know I am always interested in what people are doing on the Internet, regardless of whether you are making money or not. Information is the key to knowledge, Knowledge is power and Power is Everything

Italian Feminists

As an Italian I am proud of my heritage I am proud of being a woman and I will do what I can to support anyone who speaks out for women and women's right and feminists around the world. We are strong we are wonderful and without us men would be nowhere.

Social Networking

Are they really as useful as people say they are?

I am not sure any more, it seems every time I join one of those there are the "local" yokels that buzz around you if you are a new writer in their midst.

They are mean, combative and think you are an ass. They may not say it but the way they hover around and start spewing their rhetoric as their buddies chuckle and join on the band wagon with their own opinions make me laugh. It's pathetic actually since it is apparent they have nothing better to do than criticize.

Here is a fine example. As you can see I was venting about paying taxes on this new blog roll I joined. I was asking a relatively simple question. Why do I pay taxes when nothing works? I went as far as to state my position as a landlord and a home owner. Well if I didn't get the cackle from people saying well you are better off than most because you own your homes and you shouldn't complain about paying taxes and stupid ignorant remarks about some subculture I was in, Mama Mia!! Look I wasn't looking for sympathy but maybe someone to say yeah our taxes aren't being used the way they should be or maybe even a suggestion (in all fairness one did say that but then she went on to say I had it better than most) The point is and was I don't feel my tax dollars are being used properly period!

Now back to why I am writing this post. Social networking it's all about joining groups and trying to state your opinions and share information with the world. After all we spend billions of dollars a year on the Internet and for the most part it's an alright community. I have joined some that I am very happy with and they are always going to have some sore losers that have nothing better to say but crap. What I have noticed in those communities is if you take the time to see where these posters are they always hover around their own. They never venture out of their comfort zones. God forbid they make an informed opinion rather than just asinine remarks. Or better yet God forbid if you say something of a personal nature or discuss having a bad day.

As I mentioned most are pretty good, and some are very accommodating and even allow you to post some very personal intimate poetry or even some deep dark secrets. Then again you have the know it all that will banter with you .. I wish it was intelligent banter and not stupidity. Then again I may be just getting old and saying things my parents used to say... "This world is going to hell in a hand basket"

News other than POLITICS!!

Sweden has decided not to ban sexist advertising, saying it would risk undermining the country's cherished right to freedom of speech. Now that's what I am talking about.

MESSED-UP dopehead AMY WINEHOUSE is so out of it she doesn't even care if she's caught smoking CANNABIS in the street. My snapper took pics of the troubled drug-addict as she returned to her Camden home after celebrating a pal's birthday in London. And it will also leave her loyal fans wondering if the Back To Black star can ever recover from her drug addiction. Isn't it a shame she is such a talent! Maybe one day she will grown up

David Hasselhoff. I hear the former Baywatch man is losing his touch with the ladies. While filming America's Got Talent the Hoff got in a huff when a babe he propositioned didn't want the Hassel. David got his assistant to pass the busty brunette in the audience a signed picture of himself - complete with phone number and hotel details. But a show insider told me: "She didn't call. She thought the approach pathetic."
Shouldn't that man grow up shezzz.

American Idol and Giving back

I gave back last night, at least as much as I can consider I don't have much. But here is a question to ponder.

How many of these CEO that are making over $200 million a year give to anyone unless it's a tax write off?

How many corporations give a Freaking hoot about anyone but themselves?

Another thing I would like to ask is why is it always New Orleans that gets the limelight when it comes to Katrina?

Katrina did not hit New Orleans it hit MS. It was the levees that failed that city not the Storm. Therefore maybe if they voted for politicians that gave a rats ass about that city and wouldn't have lined their pockets with the $$ New Orleans wouldn't have been in the mess it is in today. Another thing I would like to add to my tirade is a lot of these people never had a decent home to live in. They spend it on cars drugs and ho's. I have been and out of the South for the past 30 years. Some of these neighborhoods were nothing before Katrina. They never bothered fixing their roofs or cleaning up their yards. They allowed their children to run amuck and now I am supposed to feel sorry for them cause they don't have a playground. Screw that shit. They never had a freaking playground but their dirty neighborhoods. I am not bitter and I am probably going to piss a lot of people off but I am a realist and this is the truth. The facts people.

Look I know I am probably saying stuff people don't want to hear or don't believe. But I guarantee those politicians used the $$ for their own benefit instead of using it to reinforce the levees to begin with.

Look I may sound bitter but I live down here and I see it everyday. There are some good honest hard working folks in New Orleans as well as in MS but there are a LOT more taking advantage of the system.

I say start looking at the economy in the country the rich are getting richer and the poor well hell who ever stands up for them unless they get kudos from someone or get their face on TV. I am a hard working individual I pay taxes and I do the best I can with the talents I have. No one ever hands me a tax break no one ever hands me a check for suffering. Maybe that's why I will never become a millionaire. I always give more than I can afford hoping it helps.

So yes I am happy I was able to give back last night. But I would like to see the rich give without the limelight just for once. No TV no big article and no tax break.

A Free List of paying blog sites

If I am going to recommend a product I won’t do it for the $$ I do it because I like the product and believe in it. As a nation we are all looking for a fast buck…. Look as a planet (in general) we always sell our souls for the $$ sad, but true that is why I won’t have it here. Here I am posting a list of paid Blogging sites and my opinion. If you have some you would like to suggest then pass it on and I will post them on this list.

Get Paid
My true blue favorite these guys are doing it right period end of story. I joined them as a contractor and I am still there regardless of whether they pay me or not. It’s clean, easy and they actually pay.

The pictures already give me the creeps. An Asian boy and then a straight laced white woman basically 2 kids no more than 25 years pf age. Is that all that’s Blogging out there?

Sponsored reviews
This seems like a huge factory sort of deal. Who knows they may very well have something of value but the fact they make no qualms about using advertising dollars to pay their blogers already says “sell out”.

Another lets lie through our teeth sort of Blogging trap. If you log with us then the advertisers will pay you. Directly to your account all you need is blah blah blah. Pfffttt right Next!

A Dutch site that has White pasty people advertises for them. You know I never did trust the Dutch. I’ll tell you why: I have worked for a few through the years and they are just as sneaky as those British. Suffice it to say, always look for hidden meaning or stuff in anything they do.

Review me
Basically they are doing what everyone else is doing. A link farm with a bunch of traffic that has no value.

Link worth
A link farm is it of any value? Not sure I have not tried them but it is apparent they are doing the same thing everyone else is doing. You have to review a product and the advertisers pick it up. All fluff and no meat.

Loud launch
A little more than a blog site they have resources and press release capabilities that are always nice. Then you go to the area to check it out and what do I see.
“Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.”

Pfft another site that looks potentially good then disappoints.

These people are offering money right off the bat. Umm I wonder if people are taking them up on it. Below is their verbiage
“We are seeing a lot of great Blogitive Directory sign ups which is great. But we want to push this out even faster. So, we are going to ask for a little help in recruiting blogers. Starting today we will pay $2 for every bloger you get to sign up to the Directory Network.”

These people are working on their site that already is bad news.

Below is their verbiage
“ This will be the easiest way ever to make money Blogging. We will supply the advertisers, the text and the money, all you have to do is post the ad on your blog. If you want to write the post yourself, you can. We reserve the right to approve the blog posting, but we are also appreciative of the effort and staying true to your blog. Fill out the form below to get started today!”

I discovered these people by accident and I got to say the community is great and fun. But like any other small world on the Internet there are some blogers that are into the drama so if you want a shot of drama then you will find a comfortable space there.

People never cease to amaze me

Here is what I am talking about

Voila and you thought you had issues!!

You know you can help

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