Clicks to your website 3

I see you are still with me, good thing I still have a lot to say about SEO writing and getting traffic with clicks to your website. As I was saying spend a couple of days or a week cleaning them up (the articles you farmed out). Then upload them or for an extra $1 you can have them (the sweat shop writers) upload the articles if you trust them. But let it be said for a $1 I wouldn’t be too assured. See I told you it would take some work, but stay with me here there is more than one way to slice a carrot, whatever that means. It just sounded cool.

Back to the meat of this article and all the things you have to do for higher clicks. There is a lot of information out on the Internet but trust me when I tell you no one is going to give you this free information. If they do there is always a catch. You see that old saying is true nothing is free. But today is your lucky day if you happened on this page then guess what you have hit a gold mine. I am spilling my guts, I am singing like a bird, giving you all you need to know.

Here is another website I have worked through and with where you can either find writers or sell your services. I have been using their services therefore it works. But like everything else on this Internet they have the pros and cons.

• Any business like these people is they are out to make money. So if you do have problems with a writer or a potential client they won’t do very much about it. Yeah they say they will help you mediate your dispute, but by the time they get all the information you may as well live without your electricity.
• Second thing is their percentage rate is high. Not only do you have to pay to subscribe but also they cash in with an additional 3%to 7% of your take.
• Always ask for 50% up front if the client is not willing to do that stop communicating with them. I cannot tell you how many times I have spent hours responding to emails and sending out marketing packages only to see them go elsewhere. Hey that’s cool they probably got a better price and that’s okay too.

At this point in my career I expect the competition I actually enjoy it. Point here is if you are going to work from home these are some things you will encounter. I think I have actually run out of things to say. This is what they call a writers block, I call its time for a bee and rest. Maybe I should take my little Lucy for a walk. She has no clue why I am spending so many hours typing on this thing. I don’t blame her. Life is out there and I am going to go out and enjoy it. Hope to see you soon I will have more to say about SEO writing and getting traffic with clicks to your website.

Clicks to your website 2

In the first series of articles I submitted for your enjoyment has given you the basics of how why and what you have to do in order to get high ranking on any search engine. Basically more clicks to your website.

I am trying to follow my advice and I have to tell you it’s not easy. As you are well aware you have to use the Keywords in the beginning of the article. But since this article is titled Clicks to your website 2 I am still in the ball game.

The next thing to do is to join as many article submission places as you can in a week. Don’t kick yourself if you can only submit one or 2 a day the point is you have to be active daily. Join and join and then join some more. The key here is to get your article and your name out for the search engines as much as you can. I have already mentioned your articles outline is very important in another article if you have not been keeping up with my rants and raves then its here.

So lets hypothetically say your keyword is “Apple.” Make sure the word Apple is in your title then again in the first paragraph then last in the end of your article. Don’t over do it. It will just get kicked out. Can you imagine if they had people looking at every article you submit. Mama mia it would take Google a month for just one writer.

I know I am sounding repetitive but the key here is to spend the time on your keywords. They are going to make you or break you. Granted some words will be used more than others. There lies the problem. So what? Get some writers clean their copy and then submit the article. You can even buy software that can help you. But my way is less expensive and it works.

The next thing you should do is set aside an hour a day for a month and get at least 5 articles written in one day on a specific topic. Something you love or have an interest in. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic. If someone told you that then they are idiots. Seriously do you think all writers who make a living selling copy know half the stuff they write about? Pfffttt is what I say to that. I will admit however you can learn about a lot of different things. Even things you have no desire knowing about. Like colon cancer, make up, dating women, loosing your hair. I mean please give me a freaking break. That’s the beauty of writing is you inform yourself. You take the time and research. Can you spell research? Okay okay I think the coffee and the pack of cigarettes I have smoked has thrown my thought process into a tailspin.

Back to getting clicks to your website, submit 100 articles in one week after you have cleaned them up. Written either by you or those sweat shop writers. Another thing to keep in mind is that instant gratification everyone keeps talking about. Keep your article to a maximum of 750 words otherwise your reader will be bored and you will loose them. Like I may here. That is why I am offering this series of Marketing strategies in several articles.

Clicks to your website

When I started this project out I intended to give out all information for free. How to get more clicks to your website. This is not only a test but I intend to do it without spending $3000 to some business I know nothing about.

If you have been keeping up with my writing then you know this is not an easy task. Writing SEO rich content is what I am doing in this article. I intend to prove my point that giving out information to the world will not only get me a higher ranking but will also prove that anyone can do this.

If you are not familiar with what SEO is then how can I put this lightly… basically you have been living under a rock. If you are marketing a product or are in a home business then you should be very familiar with this term. Hello everybody wake up. You won’t get anywhere close to being ranked unless you post at least 5 articles a day to at least 50-100 major article/Press release or blog submissions. That is a fact.

I will give you some places where it is free. But you know I have noticed even when these business say free what will end up happening is it’s free but you will have to go tot the back of the line. They have this automatic thingy mabob that says “your article is 567” on our list for submission. Well blow me down Popeye who’d thunk it. Free means free you morons! Or the latest battle I have had to fight with their beef with me is they found my article posted elsewhere. Duh! I posted it under another name. Okay so maybe I should pick one name and live with it. With that said from this day forward I shall no longer go by Word Smith, M7levels, Or M-7 habits are hard to break but that will be another article.

Okay okay I am going off on another one of my tangents. Here is the nity gritty. If you can set aside at least $200 per month for this project then the first place to go if you cannot write is
These people aren’t so bad but it takes 15 days before you can get your money. Basically if you get a job on their site and the client pays you through their escrow account then there is a 15 mandatory wait period. But hey do they wait to take your monthly fee of $12 hell no they take that puppy right out of your PayPal account no questions asked. Therefore any place I am going to send you to peruse there will be the good the bad and the ugly. But At least you know what to expect.

This is a doozy. You can actually hire writers to do the work for you. I have been able to get writers to write for about $3 an article. Sure they aren’t as good as a fifth grader but you will get volume. And if you really want to have some weight to your articles then please edit the work. It will take some time but its well worth it. I have actually found some good writers there, but most will disappear if the writing gets too complicated.

• Give them the outline and the keywords.
• Tell your writers how you want them to format the writing. After all it will reflect on you.
• Oh and lets not forget make sure you have some agreement where they cannot re-use your articles.

If you want to know more just click on this button and keep up.

At Risk Teens Consultant

Once a health risk appraisal is made for any teenager it is the indication that the teen is at risk of disease, drug abuse or emotional abuse to name a few problems. The teen health, behavior and demographic data are compared to behaviors of and data about a large national sample.

The principle behind risk appraisal is that each teen, as a member of a specific group, faces certain quantifiable health hazards and that average risks are applicable to the teem if the Educational Consultant what to look for.

Risk factors may be categorized according to age group, genetic factors. Biological characteristics, personal health habits, environmental, and previous educational aptitude. As the Consultant the ultimate goal is to engage and assist the teen in finding their healthy behavior.

Life style assessment focuses in the personal life-style and habits of the teen. From physical activity to nutritional practices, stress management, drug use etc. Several key methods are used to assess teens in this sector.
• Competence of self care
• Nutritional practices
• Physical recreational activity
• Sleep pattern
• Stress management.
• Self-actualization, including outlook on life and feeling about self, work, academia.
• Sense of purpose in life to knowledge what is important in life.
• Relationship with others.
• Use of the educational system.

The steps in planning for a healthier better-educated teen would mean change has to be eminent. The steps may include things like behavioral changes, and integrating these changes to fit the teen lifestyle. Get a commitment to change that behavior. Identify effective reinforcements and rewards. Whether these include incentives or more of a will power will vary from case to case. The Consultant is better equipped to assess each individual teen.

Consultants will offer various after school programs that can eventually re-habilitate the teenager. Some of these programs at various institutions can be federally funded. The services and support provided by the At Risk Teen Counselor can include one on one counseling with the trouble teenager. Therefore with the right applications and research, the teen can enroll in any of the programs for free. A Consultant will be knowledgeable about any and all opportunities in their city. Whether it’s privately funded or a federally funded program it’s a service a Consultant offers with their knowledge and research.

In order to become an At Risk Teen’s Consultant, a degree in Psychology or Family therapy is ideal. However other alternative backgrounds can be desirable. Having a background in social work will make research into federally funded programs that much easier. Some out of town travel may be necessary but not mandatory. It all depends on the institution one chooses to work with. The pay scale will vary from state to state but an average would represent a starting salary of $55,000 up to $135,000 a year. This is based on experience and work history.

Where are the millionaires?

Isn’t that what every Realtor is asking themselves today? Sure we don’t want to sound like a bunch of jackals looking for our next big sale. But I am here to tell you unequivocally if it wasn’t for my humanitarian love mother earth and hug a tree upbringing I would be a millionaire. Ethically I was raised right. You never talk about people unless; they can’t hear what you are saying. If you have to be catty then always end the sentence with “bless their heart” somehow God will forgive you. And if you have to stare keep a smile on your face and you won’t insult them. Look I know we should help every client and try to find homes for any buyer. I also know in Sales 101 that anyone walking through that door is a possible buyer/seller. Well I say peshaw. Give me the millionaires that will buy a beach house from me without looking at the price. Give me the day where I can make over $100,000 commissions. Give me the Donald Trump’s that wants unobstructed views of the ocean. Give me that family that wants a condominium as their 4th vacation spot. Am I being selfish? Maybe so, sue me.

What burns me to the core is why do I have to drive around for a full day (practically) showing homes to potential buyer only to have a wife whine about “the kitchen isn’t big enough”. Or God forbid the closets are too small. I actually had a woman tell me she wasn’t sure about the neighborhood while she was sporting a mullet, chewing bubble gum in 70’s high heels. Okay so we need to be compassionate and understand that not everyone can look as good as we do. Not everyone can have the “realtor” hairdo as my father calls it. What does he know about hairdo? That man hasn’t had a hair on his head for at over 20 years. But really folks I am a good person. I just want that Millionaire to walk in and sign on the dotted line. I know everyone pines for that day. Some of you may have had that happen. If you are selling a 4-bedroom house without the buyers humming and hawing then you are one of the few. Maybe you can talk your sellers down 10% to ensure that sale then, Hallelujah! Some of us aren’t so lucky. Some of our sellers think they own gold. I want to walk away from them really I do, especially when they call every week asking “have you sold it yet?”

Okay so don’t judge a book by it’s cover right? I can buy that, I am even willing to take the family that just moved from Art-Cant-Saw to show them a beach house. The whole time I am thinking this is a waste of my time. But they were approved and who am I to say no to a 6% commission. I just cannot stand to have little sticky fingerprints on my windows while mom and dad ignore the little takes over as I accept the parent’s apology. I guess what I am saying is this isn’t an easy critters. Am I the only one smiling and fluttering my eyelashes when dad chuckles at mom as he smacks her backside. Be polite is my mantra. I try not to gasp when the kid is hanging from a doorknob screaming he wants to go home. Yes I have had those days. I have even considered tripping the lil monster but my maternal side business to get into. But I got to be honest with you I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else when I see that family sign on the dotted line.

Home Sellers: How to Avoid Over-pricing

If you are planning to sell your home, and you think you know what you’d like to get out of it monetarily, the next step is to ask an agent. Although you do know your house and even perhaps your neighborhood better than others, real estate agents and appraisers both most-likely have experience and a sense of the market that you do not.

The reason you do not want to over-price in the first place, especially in times when the market is soft, is because you are likely to turn down potential home buyers before they even get a chance to make it out for a showing.

When you sit down with an agent, you have enlisted the help of a professional who will help you find a happy medium between what you’d prefer to get out of your house financially and what is in fact more realistic. A professional is going to be able to present you with statistics on what homes similar to yours in general value are selling for currently.

What If The Agent Says To “Go Low”?

If the figure presented to you by an agent (based on their very thorough and knowledgeable information) still does not suit you, it may be time to wait, renovate, and then sell. If you do choose this option, you may get more out of your home than you will if you sell immediately. However, if you do choose to wait, keep in mind that you’ll be faced with continuing house payments and other expenses. It is up to you to decide when it is the right time to sell.

Whenever that time comes, whether now or later, it is never wise to ignore the advice of those who are out in the market every day and know what is happening in the real world, in your general area. Even if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the market, those who work in the business every day are going to have a more accurate sense of street value.

The Balancing Act

The tough part, and the key, is to find the perfect balance. And the way to get there is through honesty. Remember, if an agent gives you lip service and tells you everything you want to hear, your house may not sell as soon as you’d like, and you may end up having to lower the price in the long run after all. An honest agent is going to give it to you straight. They will provide a price that reflects your home value, and if you are totally unsatisfied, they will tell you how you can renovate and improve the value of your home so that you can reach your financial goal. And they will also help you figure out how to balance the two (waiting and renovating verses reducing price and selling immediately).

Home Upkeep Basics for Sellers

If you own a home, even a very nice one, which you are trying to sell, it is always important to do regular upkeep. This prevents you from having to do a rush job of last-minute maintenance when the time comes to show your house to a prospective buyer.

And no, you do not need to do things that are best left to a contractor. (Those are best left—you guessed it, Einstein—to a contractor!) In all seriousness, though, little small jobs and tweaks are easy and relatively painless, yet can have a major global impact on the mindset of a potential buyer.

To Do List

The first step is to step outside is to step out the door (even have someone outside your household—perhaps a friend or your real estate agent), and then walk back in as if you’ve never been in your home before. Envision yourself as a buyer in the market for a home similar to yours. You walk in and what do you see?

Is everything cluttered? Is there too much furniture around? Are there moving boxes everywhere which should be in storage? No, your potential buyer will not look past that because they know you are getting ready to move!!! So stay organized and put things in storage!

Are the walls in need of repair or painted in non-neutral colors? Get to work! A little spackle and paint are within your means and will make a big difference in the implied value of each room.

Are the walls or ceilings blemished? Patch them up. Remove old nails and lamp hangers from the walls and ceilings. These are things you may overlook from day to day, thinking they just blend in... But, again, buyers notice details because they are looking for the perfect home, the American Dream. So try to put yourself in their shoes.

Are there stains in the toilet or shower, perhaps due to hard water? Scrub them up. These speak volumes in terms of not only the upkeep of the home, but in the quality of the bathrooms (which are well-known as one of the high selling points in a home).

On surfaces, are there too many miscellaneous knick-knacks? Put them away until you move. Just because you collect angels or cabbage patch dolls doesn’t mean your potential buyer will be able to see through those things to imagine the house being their own.

Simple is Good

Is vanilla boring? Never! Keep your house as clean, sleek, and neutral as possible. Too much color, clutter, and other distractions are going to turn off those who are trying to use their imagination (buyers). If you follow these simple tips and keep this mindset, your house will sell more quickly and for a better price.

How to cook a Country ham

When cooking a Country ham thoughts of grandma in the kitchen shuffling in her slippers as the curtains blows gently in the breeze, and the smell in the kitchen will never escape my memory. She may even have had some big band playing in the background.

I have kept up with the tradition to this day. Anytime I bake a ham I have a CD of a big band playing and insist on opening the windows in my kitchen. You see my guests have always made comments about the flavor of my ham. I believe it’s the seasonings added to water when I boil the ham that gives it the unusual touch. The coating of white pepper also adds a new note. But I cannot overlook grandmas secret dark brown mustard sauce she made ahead of time which by the way kept very well in the refrigerator for a long time.

This next recipe comes directly from her cooking notes and I have been using this recipe for years. The things you will need are:

Ingredients for Grandma’s Country Ham
• A Large Hamm (With bone)
• White pepper
• Grandma’s mustard (I will give you that recipe.)
• 2 cups of granulated sugar
• 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
• 1 stick of cinnamon
• 1 dozen whole cloves
• 6 all spice berries.
• 1 cup of sherry
• Box of brown sugar (I like using the dark brown sugar)

Wash and weigh your ham to make sure you know the time frame for baking. Place in a large roasting pan with a lid. Fill the pan with water, place lid on tight, and put in the oven at 350 and cook for about 20 minutes per pound, turning the ham often. (Count the time after the water begins to boil, a tenderized ham will require only 15 minutes per pound for cooking.) When cooked, let it cool in the liquid. (You may boil this the day before.)

When cooked gently remove the top skin, being careful not to take the fat off with it. Place the ham in another pan and stud at intervals with cloves. Sprinkle liberally white pepper; then spread a layer of brown sugar all over. Pour 1 cup of sherry into the pan and place the pan, without the lid, in a very slow oven, about 250, for 1 hour. The slow heat allows the spicy flavor of the pepper to penetrate the meat. After ½ hour, gently baste the ham every 10 minutes with the gravy. Remove the pan from the oven cover, and keep hot on top of the stove with a very low heat. Use mats under the pan. The oven should now be free to take care of the rest of your dinner. Serve the ham with the mustard sauce, which also may be made the day before and refrigerated.

Mustard Sauce

Combine 2 teaspoon of dry mustard ¼ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar, add 2 tablespoon of flour. Place in the top of a double broiler. Add 3/4cup of water and 2 tablespoons of heated vinegar, stirring as it cooks until it becomes a smooth creamy sauce. Then add 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten, and 2 tablespoons of melted butter.

When thickened, lift the pan from the hot water immediately to prevent the curdling of the egg yolks. When you are ready to reheat make sure the water doesn’t boil under the sauce.

How To Cook Asparagus

Asparagus is a nutritional vegetable, one that can be found at any fresh produce market or your local food mart. It’s a good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamins C, A, with tons of potassium and is rich in fiber.

There are so many delicious recipes for these vegetables therefore book marking this page may be your first task at hand. Keep in mind some people like the simplicity of the taste therefore adding a little salt may give your palates the taste it craves. However if you want to impress and try something new then follow some of these cooking tips.

Choice of Asparagus
When you are out shopping for asparagus, choose ones that are firm and have not started to wilt. The stem should be thick and firm or thin and firm according to your recipe. Rule of thumb choose for the asparagus that is fresh looking with a bright green hue to it.

Cleaning process
Wash each spear under cold running water. Some produce shops will sell them in bundles with a rubber band wrapped around the stems, and some may sell them loose Cut about a quarter of an inch from the bottom. This usually has a white color to it and is very firm with a bitter stringy taste.

The Quick and ease of cooking healthy
After you have cut and washed the spear, make sure you have a hot pan ready on your stove. One thing I insist on is eating vegetables with a certain crunch to them. This will not only ensure a quality taste but it will keep as many of the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetable rather than cooking it away with heat. Depending on the size of your asparagus you may want to blanch them first. This is simple enough. You bring a pot of water to a boil and drop your vegetable in it for about 3 minutes. Just enough time to give them a bright green color and make them pliable while keeping the crunching quality I am talking about.

Once you have blanched them make sure you have a very hot pan ready for the spears. Add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan, toss a clove of garlic for flavor. Allow the garlic to get brown; once the garlic is brownish in color you know the pan will be hot enough to cook your asparagus. Place your spears in the pan allowing them to cook for about 3-4 minutes. Add a splash of white wine just enough to coat the asparagus. Don’t drown them, about 1 tablespoon of wine will do. This will give your asparagus a nice zesty flavor. Some people like to use lemon I use wine since I am usually sipping it anyway. The estimated time is about 5 to 6 minutes. You should keep in mind the asparagus should be tender but not mushy. After this process, you can place the asparagus on your plate either fanning them out like flowers or in a nice clump like logs.

Seasoning of the Asparagus
According to some people they drizzle a bit of Hollandaise to this tasty vegetable even a Beurre Blanc. I however like to eat things as they are why ruin the taste with all the heavy sauces and butter. Save that for when you go out. Remember you want to eat healthy and make it fast.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fl. April 1st, 2008

Released on: April 1st, 2008, 9:00 am
Press Release Author: Medlink-Solutions for Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots
Industry: Real Estate

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fl. April 1st, 2008 Making the absolute best of ourselves is not an easy task. We struggle through life with bills, kids, family, and then ultimately finding appropriate burial plots for death.

When faced with death most families are ill prepared. This task daunting and stressful as it is can become as easy as a click away. Can anyone say they truly have everything they need right now? Our sensibilities become confused and over stimulated by a mass media that glorifies life and living.

The people at Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots show us that whether your needs are immediate or not the information is available for you. From

• World Wide Exposure
• Seller Services
• Events That Can Cause you to Sell Your Cemetery Property
• Identity Protection
• Full Service Program
• Sample Listing Agreement
• Selling Cemetery Plots
• Signs you Should Sell Your Cemetery Property
• Visit old cemeteries

These are only a few things one must learn and discover in their own time. From advertising your cemetery plots to searching for the right spot for your ultimate resting place this can become a very illuminating experience.

Asking the right questions let alone knowing the questions one must ask. Some may be more familiar than others. Some parents may have had to bury their sons and daughters due to the wars we have had to face in our young nations history. Some spouses may have to settle for the burial plot they bought 10-15 years ago in another location. Until it is carved in stone we are misguided. What if you one wants to make arrangements for a relocation of what you have already bought? These are questions that can be ultimately answered once the visitor is well informed. Once informed then change can take place.

These fundamental questions are about change. The people who understand this concept know that change does not happen overnight. Lasting change happens in infinitesimal increments: a day, an hour, a minute, a heartbeat at a time. Contact Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots today to see how they are committed to helping you find all your answers. To be reassured this can become a positive experience with optimism.

Web Site:
Contact Details: Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC
3000 9Th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg Fl, 33713
Phone: 1-727-278-201
See Our Blog:
Or you can contact them through their contact page at
For information on questions one may have you can go to the following link:

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots was constructed around the idea that buying or selling a cemetery plot should not be a traumatic event. By helping clients to plan for the future and release there loved ones from the burden of final planning, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides secure and effect ways for everyone to make informed decisions from the comfort of their home. Whether selling a cemetery plot due to life changes or buying a cemetery plot to secure a final resting place, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides a quality, effective service for both

Private Investigations

Nickels Private Investigations, The East Coast Fastest Growing Private Investigations firm, has launched their Internet website for 2008!

New England’s #1 Professional Investigations was established in Manchester, NH and is licensed in Maine, NH, Vermont and Mass. Ready to help you with your investigative needs!

Manchester NH— Nickels Investigations has a longstanding history and stellar reputation in the filed of criminal investigation. This agency is noted for its high client satisfaction and personalized services. Thomas F. Nickels established Nickels Professional Investigations in 1987 to provide leading edge investigation techniques and solutions for a diverse set of industries and clients.

The objective of this new website launch is to foster an exchange of successful industry strategies, but also to discuss industry pitfalls and cautions. With this kind of collaboration every corporation, attorney and personal client can learn from the unique opportunity of articles, blogs and questions they may have for their personal and private investigative needs such as:

• Criminal: Homicide Robbery Sex Crimes Racketeering
• Corporate: Security Consulting Sexual Discrimination Acquisition Profiling White Collar Crimes
• Insurance: Workers Compensation Liability Accident – Auto/Fire
• Civil: Divorce Child Custody/Recovery Statements
• Corporate investigation
• Partnership dispute
• Client and trade secrets
• White collar crime
• Personal protection
• Sexual age discrimination
• Hostile terminations
• Anti money laundering
• Video or Film surveillance
• Insurance fraud investigations
• Witness location
• Computer related crimes
• Homicide investigations
• Robbery violent crime
• Racketeering anti trust
• Matrimonial (family law)
• Missing persons
• Pre-marital
• Email traces
• Child custody
• Background checks
• Surveillance specialist

The mission is still the same. Learn, share and network. This website presence like-minded individuals has reinforced why they can trust this P.I. firm. Success is more attainable than ever. Come share those qualities.

Nickels Private investigator is nationally recognized and has undoubtedly proven itself in the investigative field. If you’re serious about meeting your goals, we would like to welcome you to our website launch.

Thomas F. Nickels
Nickels Professional Investigations
PO Box 4623
Manchester, NH 03108
(B) 603-623-6664 (C) 603-315-2973
For information on future events go to

About us:
As the founder of this firm Mr. Nickels has brought over 30 years of knowledge and his attention to detail on every single case. He is involved with each case personally, and will use every resource available to him to make sure your case is solved. His expertise consists of Industrial Espionage, Corporate Anti-Trust, Insurance Fraud, Criminal, Divorce, and Child Custody. He has either led or participated on investigative teams that had nationwide attention on criminal and corporate cases. He is a member of Certified Fraud Examiners Association. His affinity for justice and the right thing to do will surpass any other agencies roll call.

Diamondhead, MS March 9th, 2008 Writing rich web content is one of the disciplines this independent writing firm focuses on.

With over 30 years of Internet common sense along with the passion to get it write they apply that knowledge to work for you. Whether you need creative Product Description, daily Real Estate Blog, SEO copy, or Ghost writing contact them directly.
The ultimate goal when doing business on the Internet is to have qualified leads and not just random clicks if you are on Google AdWords. Therefore the writing technique requires common sense and not just technical skills.

With Internet presence high on the advertising budget most companies are staying focused on how they present themselves on the web. However, unless you have the right content most people won't find you in the search engines. Basically level343 works with clients who pay attention to their content rather than their pictures. The team of writers who will think, research and analyze your services/products and write rich optimized content. They can help you establish your web presence. The content delivered is succinct, grammatically correct with a fast turnaround.

The beauty is they work online, they are live 24/7 The easiest way to do B2B today. Below find a list of their services.

• Content Development
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• Translations from native speakers not software driven (Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Polish, Russian)
• We will create unique ideas and original content to meet your international market.
• Click on the questionnaire for specific detailed information on how we can begin this collaboration.

Web Site:
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Women's Day in Firenze

ROMA - L'otto marzo compie cent'anni. Anche oggi al centro delle manifestazioni e celebrazioni ci sono i diritti delle donne, dall'aborto al lavoro, dalla salute all'autodeterminazione. Quest'anno le donne italiane, tornano in piazza in particolare per difendere il diritto al lavoro e la legge 194, con manifestazioni e cortei in tutta Italia. A Roma in mattinata il presidente della Repubblicaha celebrato al Quirinale la giornata, consegnando premi e riconoscimenti.

Alle 14 a Roma è partita la manifestazione nazionale di Cgil, Cisl e Uil per il centenario della festa. Lo striscione in testa sintetizza le ragioni della manifestazione: "lavoro, libertà di scelta, sviluppo, qualità della vita". Oltre 30mila i partecipanti secondo le stime degli organizzatori. Sono sfilati striscioni a difesa della legge 194 e si sono sentiti fischi contro Giuliano Ferrara, che oggi ha organizzato una manifestazione parallela a Piazza Farnese con Olimpia Tarzia, presidente del Comitato per la Famiglia, dal nome "Prima le donne e i bambini". Presenti anche il ministro Barbara Pollastrini e i tre leader sindacali Guglielmo Epifani, Raffaele Bonanni, Luigi Angeletti.

"Non esiste libertà politica, sindacale ed economica senza un programma politico in favore delle donne" ha detto Bonanni alla manifestazione. "C'è ancora tanta strada da fare per garantire diritti e parità", gli ha fatto eco Epifani, mentre Barbara Pollastrini ha difeso la legge 194: "La libertà e la responsabilità

femminile sono un valore e una garanzia di libertà per tutti" ha detto il ministro per le Pari Opportunità. Sul palco si sono alternate diverse testimonianze e solidarietà è stata espressa a Aung San Suu Kyi, premio Nobel per la pace, e a Ingrid Betancourt, ostaggio da anni delle Farc in Colombia.

Ma gli appuntamenti sono numerosi in tutta Italia. A Cagliari manifestazione a Piazza Garibaldi; a Napoli assemblea "Le donne nelle lotte"; a Milano, corteo con partenza da Largo Cairoli; a Firenze manifestazione con partenza da piazza San Marco. A Chioggia la Festa della donna è l'occasione per protestare, con una manifestazione di fronte al palazzo comunale, contro la decisione dell'amministrazione di sostenere la moratoria all'aborto proposta da Giuliano Ferrara.

Sempre a Roma, alla Casa Internazionale delle donne viene inaugurata una mostra, "Il pane e le rose", sulla vita delle donne dagli anni '50 agli anni '80.

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