Diamondhead, MS March 9th, 2008 Writing rich web content is one of the disciplines this independent writing firm focuses on.

With over 30 years of Internet common sense along with the passion to get it write they apply that knowledge to work for you. Whether you need creative Product Description, daily Real Estate Blog, SEO copy, or Ghost writing contact them directly.
The ultimate goal when doing business on the Internet is to have qualified leads and not just random clicks if you are on Google AdWords. Therefore the writing technique requires common sense and not just technical skills.

With Internet presence high on the advertising budget most companies are staying focused on how they present themselves on the web. However, unless you have the right content most people won't find you in the search engines. Basically level343 works with clients who pay attention to their content rather than their pictures. The team of writers who will think, research and analyze your services/products and write rich optimized content. They can help you establish your web presence. The content delivered is succinct, grammatically correct with a fast turnaround.

The beauty is they work online, they are live 24/7 The easiest way to do B2B today. Below find a list of their services.

• Content Development
• Articles
• Blogs
• Brochures
• Web Design
• Copy Writing
• Editing
• Real Estate Blog
• B2B Material
• Technical Writing
• Product Description
• Games
• Translations from native speakers not software driven (Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Polish, Russian)
• We will create unique ideas and original content to meet your international market.
• Click on the questionnaire for specific detailed information on how we can begin this collaboration.

See: http://www.level343.com
Web Site: http://level343.com/services.html
Contact Details: Medlink-Solutions
Email: mailto:info@level343.com
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About level343: They are a team of professional writers that can deliver high quality copy that will address all search behaviors including web site usability. Their staff consists of experienced translators content developers, writers, web site designers and developers along with friendly staff ready to make your web site experience as easy and successful as it can be. Once clients needs are determined they put that knowledge to work. The elements will serve as the foundation from which all graphic, navigational, architectural and content will be built.

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