Clicks to your website 2

In the first series of articles I submitted for your enjoyment has given you the basics of how why and what you have to do in order to get high ranking on any search engine. Basically more clicks to your website.

I am trying to follow my advice and I have to tell you it’s not easy. As you are well aware you have to use the Keywords in the beginning of the article. But since this article is titled Clicks to your website 2 I am still in the ball game.

The next thing to do is to join as many article submission places as you can in a week. Don’t kick yourself if you can only submit one or 2 a day the point is you have to be active daily. Join and join and then join some more. The key here is to get your article and your name out for the search engines as much as you can. I have already mentioned your articles outline is very important in another article if you have not been keeping up with my rants and raves then its here.

So lets hypothetically say your keyword is “Apple.” Make sure the word Apple is in your title then again in the first paragraph then last in the end of your article. Don’t over do it. It will just get kicked out. Can you imagine if they had people looking at every article you submit. Mama mia it would take Google a month for just one writer.

I know I am sounding repetitive but the key here is to spend the time on your keywords. They are going to make you or break you. Granted some words will be used more than others. There lies the problem. So what? Get some writers clean their copy and then submit the article. You can even buy software that can help you. But my way is less expensive and it works.

The next thing you should do is set aside an hour a day for a month and get at least 5 articles written in one day on a specific topic. Something you love or have an interest in. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic. If someone told you that then they are idiots. Seriously do you think all writers who make a living selling copy know half the stuff they write about? Pfffttt is what I say to that. I will admit however you can learn about a lot of different things. Even things you have no desire knowing about. Like colon cancer, make up, dating women, loosing your hair. I mean please give me a freaking break. That’s the beauty of writing is you inform yourself. You take the time and research. Can you spell research? Okay okay I think the coffee and the pack of cigarettes I have smoked has thrown my thought process into a tailspin.

Back to getting clicks to your website, submit 100 articles in one week after you have cleaned them up. Written either by you or those sweat shop writers. Another thing to keep in mind is that instant gratification everyone keeps talking about. Keep your article to a maximum of 750 words otherwise your reader will be bored and you will loose them. Like I may here. That is why I am offering this series of Marketing strategies in several articles.

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