An Entire Generation of So-Called “Pirates”:

Why Do So Many People Download Free Music And Free Movies?

Let’s face it, the music industry is in a state of panic these days. Why? Because every day people have learned to download free music from P2P sites like Kazaa and Limewire, and now torrent sites. The RIAA is bringing lawsuits against random people in an effort to “make an example” of people who illegally download free music, and as a result, intending to teach a lesson to everyone downloading free music.
The problem is that the so-called “pirates” out there are not just people without a conscience who want to break the laws. There are many who believe that the music industry is not making the buying and selling of music in the new millennium fair and user-friendly to consumers. So some people are fighting back in their own small way. They download free music, sometimes legally from sites like and , other times from P2P programs like Kazaa and Limewire.

In the new millennium, it seems that there are almost more questions than answers. We are at a crossroads, a pivotal moment in the history of not only technology, but in the way we interact and communicate as individuals, and as groups. The problem with corporations and major groups like the MPAA and the RIAA are that they are run by “suits,” people with very little (if any) real-world, hands-on street knowledge of what today’s generation of young adults are looking for! As a result, their business model is “so last millennium!” you could say.

This brings light to the reasoning behind the “pirates.” Bear in mind, essentially an entire generation is dubbed pirates and regarded as criminals by Big Business. If the MPAA and RIAA would take the time to get to know this generation and how they tick (like the folks at Real Networks obviously thought of when they created the excellent business model known as Rhapsody), the new generation would embrace the legal way of doing things. In America, history has shown that We The People is a powerful concept. The common wisdom of the masses can really have a positive impact in the way that we do things, and the systems which enable us to do them. I think this generation has spoken. Sure, they would “like” to continue to download free music and free movies. But would they compromise and go through with purchasing movies and music the legal way? Absolultey, if the means to do so were convenient and the content reasonably priced. iTunes is a start, but if the MPAA want to prevent people from illegally downloading free music, they have a lot of thinking to do. Perhaps it’s time to hire some people under 30 (even under 20) to help innovate the music and movie industries. Real Networks’ Rhapsody shows that it IS possible to simultaneously control the use of content in a fair and reasonable manner, while making it “feel” as if you can download free music. The same could be done for the movie industry. There could be a Movie Rhapsody (or perhaps the existing rhapsody could have an updated tab containing movies and TV shows)! How cool would that be? Bottom line: the means and the pricing need improvement. No question! And the industry needs to take the time to hire younger people, and open a dialog with this generation (and the upcoming generations) if they want to stay alive in the new millennium.

Global Trade

The barriers of language are beginning to wear and crack as the latest software brings multi-lingual capabilities to any web site. Meanwhile, commerce is not far away from developing a new method of global trade. Suddenly, the merchant, corporation, or business owner has the capability of reaching the masses. With that comes not only an enormous potential, but a responsibility that needs to be recognized early on. This is one of the many considerations a designer must face.

Getting noticed

Getting noticed and standing out from your competitors takes creativity and tenacity. For Small Business budgets we can help you in attracting customers and building a profile for your business. Creative, attention-grabbing ads will help you get results. The way you combine words, colors, graphics and animation are critical to your success.

To get started, you need to define goals for your campaign. Ask yourself the following questions: What do I seek to accomplish with this campaign? What action do I want online users to take when they see my ad? Once you have done this its time to develop your advertising message.Since banner ads use both graphics and text, it is important to consider both elements.

This vast network of computers that has emerged is made up of individuals and hundreds of thousands of companies that have all contributed their piece of the pie. Whether it be a student's home page, a large corporate website, or the New York Library itself, there is undeniably a global community forming.

Gardening the old fashioned way

As Children the first thing we learn about gardening and plants is they need water. Many of us began our lifelong passion for gardening by clutching a water can running after our grandmother sprinkling a tomato plant or a sunflower. Perhaps we watched in amazement as an avocado or a piece of wandering Jew roots sprouted when stuck in a simple glass of water.

Until recently plentiful water for gardening was given, even in many of the drier parts of the North American continent. Over the past three decades water has become and increasing precious and unreliable commodity.

While this may seem like bad news in the garden it needn’t be. You may already be acquainted with the idea of a waterwise garden. Perhaps you’ve heard the word xeriscape. This term, often misspelled and always mispronounced derives from the Greek word xeros, which mean zero or dry landscape. Along with the term a group of steps were developed to simplify and systemize the concept’s this has helped spread the word about water wise gardening, but the basic concept of gardening with less water is not necessarily limited to those definition and steps

Cyber-gardening what will they think of next!!

If you're like most gardeners there is always another project you need to finish, but never enough time to finish them. Creating a natural living space in your yard can be one of the most satisfying projects to a seasoned gardener. One thing to consider about any gardener is that they all have dreams. The reward is the same for most. To have dirty hands, watching everything they nurturer, thrive. Gardeners have been known to call that place the "Zen zone". Since the days of old, gardening with grandmother entailed shuffling after her amazed at what a little water did to her plump juicy tomatoes, or maybe how planting a sunflower seed brought such a huge smile on your face.

That was yesterday, now if you have a computer you can buy trees from the Internet! Sure go ahead insist on a Mint Julep under that willow tree you ordered online. With this amazing opportunity given to online shoppers the only thing stopping their choices of trees is their geographical area. Click on the weeping willow trees, they are dramatic and graceful. Maybe the flowering trees, hybrid trees or maybe a Quaking Aspen tree, to have a garden that offers a variety of trees. Sometimes the gardener has no choice but to work within their zone areas. To surround your property line with Red Maple trees or Cherry trees living in the Deep South would not be very smart.

That's the beauty of online "gardening". Now you can research your zone areas with available trees, all you need is the information at your fingertips. Armed with the knowledge of your growing zones, and a little research will prompt a greener thumb for any gardener. The choices of trees available to you are amazing whether fast growing, resisting insects and disease, or just a majestic pine, will encourage any garden lover to use this avenue. Some of the information is priceless. From drought tolerant trees to trees that will grow in any soil, these are simple ways you can tailor your garden to suit your needs. Yes, there are Blueberry Bushes, Cherry to Dogwood now the consumer can buy trees online 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Rest assured gardeners you are now in Zen space, shopping in cyberspace for your garden. Finally there is one more way to garden. Happy gardening!!

What’s Happening to Screensavers? Animation

When I was first asked to write about Animated Screensavers I was struck by what an *oxymoron the term was. After all isn’t that what a Screensaver does in a way? Most Screensavers I have seen are animated pictures for your monitors to either pass the time or to send off to a friend on his/her mobile to use as wallpaper, or so I thought. As my curiosity took over I did what every other good writer does. Research, Research, and then more Research. After 3 cups of coffee too many cigarettes and over 100 sites on Animated Screensavers, I pondered their effects this generation. Well blow me down Popeye! There were over 100 listing of Animated Screensavers. The Screensaver providers ranged from the familiar to the funny and then the amazing. I can honestly say the gurus of the Screensavers may very well be proud of how far and how ingenious the market has become.

The Screensaver mania as I call it began back in the early 90’s. A lot of companies turned their static sites into a money making machine. This one company totting their Screensaver wares had a section on their website that allowed you to play games with their screensavers. What sort of games you ask? What if I told you puzzles. Yes, actually board game puzzles like you and grandma played on a rainy day. The screensaver you choose will automatically move around your screen until you press a button for the pictures to stop moving. Once they do, the Screensaver pictures will stop. Let the chips or in this case pictures fall where they may. Simply put, you could spend hours or minutes on your computer putting Mount Rushmore back and hope you don’t have Washington’s nose on Roosevelt’s ear. You see they don’t allow for the two left-handed players like myself. I was never any good at the board puzzles so I don’t feel so bad.

However, after more clicking for the unusual and bizarre Animated Screensavers I was brought back to reality and my intent for this article. Research for Animated Screensavers. Once back on track I delved into the world of pages upon pages of Animated Screensavers and came upon an unmentioned site that is promoting their software to help create installable Animated Screensavers. Now you no longer need to download or pay for Animated Screensavers you can actually create your own. Of course you would have to be graphic artist or at the least a flash animator to make this possible. Keep in mind I am not that big on Screensavers let alone Animated Screensavers since my computer of choice is an Apple. If you are an Apple user then you know what I am talking about. Most Animated Screensavers out there are not compatible with Mac’s. Which in some ways I am thankful. I cannot imagine putting more junk on my computer that I don’t need.

*A combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly: something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements)


ARIES (March 20-April 18): You are in deep sh!t . Shoot now and ask questions later.
TAURUS (April 19-May 19): No need to flap your lips. Keep your horns in — you are right. Next Tuesday you can strut your stuff.
GEMINI (May 20-June 19): Stop hiding from that blind date. You need to just do it.
You’ll be glad you did when you set your eyes on him/her.
CANCER (June 20-July 21): Now you know you can work together, but that’s not all.
Keep your claws around and snatch your collaborator for projects in March
LEO (July 22-August 21): You roared your best. Don’t feel down if it didn’t work out. Dust your mane off. Things look better in the horizon.
VIRGO (August 22-September 21): Use your kindness Virgo, when that scrooge comes around. He/she will be purring like a kitten.
LIBRA (September 22-October 22): Envy is admiration. Blow yourself a kiss Libra you are hot hot hot. It’s not easy being you.
SCORPIO (October 23-November 20): You can keep secrets. You lead by example but you also know who the losers are.
SAGITTARIUS (November 21-December 20): You should look the other way when a boss pulls a fast one. Keep in mind he/she will owe you one.
CAPRICORN (December 21-January 18): Stop being a crybaby, you need to be patient and you’ll see the big honcho has a surprise for you. Suck it up and smile.
AQUARIUS (January 19-February 17): Here you thought you were above being bribed. Start rethinking the way you view others.
PISCES (February 18-March 19): Just when you thought all the sharks were sleeping. Don’t get too relaxed, they will be back around next week.

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Herb Therapy

When you are ready to start combining herbs, study several remedies whether Asian or Hemotherapy. You will find that traditional combinations in package tease can go hand in hand with herbs you boil separately.Keep in mind the provide different energetic functions, such as stimulants tonics, along with blood-builders. A good way to learn how to combine herbs are by re-creating simple remedies you learned at home or picked up along the way in books. After studying standard patent formula you can move up to make adjustments that work for you and your body. There is nothing like cooking herbs at home. The smell of cooked herb creates an energy, that may be foreign but healing like a trip to the old country.

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Words are the building blocks of modern communication. Typography is one of my passions. Today type designers face a new advantage and challenges posed by technology and typeface design. Anyone with enough imagination and a flair for creativity can create a digitized font. Some create amazing typeface, and some you wish they never even tried. Consequently, a typographers primary task is to convey a message that has become more difficult. There are thousands of digitized fonts offered by a diverse range of talent. Keep in mind prices for typeface range in price from freeware to thousands of dollars when they are proprietary. No typographer or graphic designer has time to sift through the ever growing collection on the world wide web.Therefore here we can help you find the most bizarre, the classical even the one familiar to you. A vital link between the design world and communication of a specific message, font selecting is critical to any reputable design firm. Typography opens the world of design to create the unimaginable with a simple font.
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We feature contractors to suite your every building need. Fulfill your home improvement dream by selecting one of our highly qualified contractors. Avoid disappointment and headache by getting the job done in the most safe, prompt and economical fashion. Selecting one of our highly qualified contractors means they have a license and are familiar with building codes in your area. Keep in mind the contractors you find here meet our rigorous standards of experience, stellar reputation, including attention to detail and have proven themselves in the building industry.
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Outsourcing in America

Corporations, Marketing companies, Toy companies Telemarketing companies are selling out. What used to be made and or written in the “Good Ol USA” is now being outsourced to countries like India, Pakistan, Croatia and the like. In retrospect corporate greed and billion dollar profits are the root of this evil, not the lack of qualified workers in America. When I pick up the phone to talk to AT&T for example and I hear a voice on the other end with such a heavy accent he or she have to repeat themselves several times before I can comprehend is no longer about being cost efficient but irritating to me as the consumer. Best part is they tell me their name is Joe or Mary, however it sounds like they are saying “Yon or Airy”. Are we saying quantity is better than quality? Let me ask you this how is their quality any better than ours? The way I see it we are the ones training them then it is as simple as we are cutting our own hands. This is not about quality people wake up and smell the coffee. It’s about cheap labor. Basically we train them to develop products that we need and buy in order for them to come back and sell it to us at cutthroat pricing.

I was recently on an unnamed web site where writers were needed. I don’t think asking five dollars for a 500-700-word article is outrageous. When I put pen to paper I can write like a madman. Yet when the buyer asked me to do it for $1.75 I was shocked. Not because they had the audacity to ask for so much while paying so little, but that an American writer agreed to do this. The audacity comes into play when I explained that I would consider doing this for four dollars but I would retain the copyrights they wanted nothing to do with me. The corporations that outsource are taking food away from us and for the next generation to come. If the service provider chooses to be disloyal and undercut at a fair price that’s one thing but I can assure you this trend will eventually break our infrastructure. We think we are being sharp by outsourcing; all we really are doing is destroying our future.

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Napoli the city known for Sofia Loren and creating the Pizza is in the Campania Region and the main metropolis of this southern region in this popular country. It is a beautiful city with promenades that nestle around the celebrated Mount Vesuvio all the way south to the Amalfi coast. From any of the hills surrounding this city one can see the jewels that are the islands of Capri and Ischia. Downtown Napoli has been built throughout the years on flat ground with numerous small winding streets that lead to dead ends. Yet there is no other place in the world where chaos has order. They are still to this day discovering ruins underneath this city, which adds to the congestion and traffic. This large bustling city holds a very special place in my heart, but most Americans shy away from because of all the bad publicity given to the hoodlums on their motor scooters. Sure they are there, but if you are a smart tourist you keep your money belt close to you and don’t flaunt your Euro or cameras. It’s a little paradise that has just recently started to get more tourism, in a way it’s a shame, but tourism is what feeds my Napoli.

Press Release

When you want the pleasure of eating every day Italian, grab a table at the tiny "L'Osteria del forno," a North Beach treasure established in 1990 by two Italian women, one from Varese and one from Bologna.

L'Osteria del forno makes the best focaccia and focaccia sandwiches in the city. In addition, look for the roast of the day and their pork, which is braised in milk and served warm with some addictive roasted rosemary potatoes. We suggest taking a look at their menu. Don't even worry about wine. Ask for the house pour or an aperitif from the bar. Try the delicious thin-crust pizza slathered with whole milk mozzarella, tomato sauce and Italian sausage. Since they are open continuously from lunch until at least 10 p.m., they are perfect for off-hour, drop-in dining.

Tucked away in San Francisco's North Beach, L'Osteria del forno emits an old world charm that is as authentic as their traditional Italian menu. In a city filled with sleek restaurants many times showing more flash than substance, this cozy restaurant consistently wins rave reviews and satisfied patrons. The fact that at anytime one of the two owners is present makes L'Osteria del forno not only a rarity, but also a true gem. With a limited number of tables (twelve), the restaurant appeals to intimate gatherings of faithful locals and visitors, the like. Many a romantic evening has been spent at L'Osteria with a bottle of Italian wine and basket of warm home baked focaccia bread. The owners prefer the small, coziness of their space and have avoided the pressure to expand, even though the demand for tables is a constant. The inconvenience of a short wait always is outweighed by the excellent service and special attention each diner receives.

Two Italian women turned their dream of owning a restaurant into a reality. The secret to their success is keeping everything as simple as possible. They're no nonsense, down to earth personalities shape and form just about everything that encompasses running a restaurant. From the menu to the wait staff, there are no airs or egocentric outlays filled with false promises.

Now that you've found us in Cyberspace we'll show you what, how, and where we come from. You know like the movie "Roots". At L'Osteria del forno, we like to keep our customers well informed on the foods and their origins. We have compiled information about all the regions in Italy. You're probably asking yourself why would we go through all of this research and take the time to put it on the web. As I've mentioned, we like our customers well informed, but if the truth were known I needed a good reason to stay home and play on my new computer. So take a deep breath and indulge in this walk through history with us. Better yet, you may want to loosen your belt or even take off your shoes. Just be sure to sit up straight and pay attention! To understand something about Italian cooking, you must first understand that Italy is a very young country, just over a hundred years old. They certainly didn't fratinize with their neighbors nor did they check out what they were eating. So that's why there are distinct types of cooking in the various regions of Italy Well.... okay, there may be other factors that have played a part in this distinction, but I am trying to simplify this.

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The Northwestern Regions of Italy Include Lombardy, Piedmont, Val D’Aosta and Liguria. On the whole, the land is rich, life is prosperous, and food is to be enjoyed as one of its pleasures. Liguria is possibly the exception- a narrow strip of rugged land wedged between the Alps and the sea, but as compensation it has beautiful seaside resorts and boast with some of the most wonderful vegetables and herbs. Val D’Aosta is another favorite tourist region, famous for it’s soups and game, castles and mountain scenery. Rice butter and cheese, with the addition of the white truffle of Piedmont, dominate the generous cuisine's of Lombardy and Piedmont.

For most Italians there are two topics of conversation: Taxes and food. The reason is for many centuries many parts of the Ligurian regions were very unproductive due to the barren land that surrounds it. Wedged between the sea and the mountains it is a strip of rugged country where only certain types of agriculture is profitable or even possible. And that is fruit and vegetable growing. Instead of vast pasturelands there are a lot of vegetables grown there. Therefore most of the Ligurian diets and dishes have ample vegetables used.


Did you know that at least 20 million Americans suffer from depression? This is according to the National Institute of Mental Health, including this disease is more common in women than it is in men. It's more than the blues, nor is it something you can just "snap out of.” It is a serious problem that is curable.
Keep in mind you cannot see or hear depression. It’s not something that can be diagnosed by a doctor unless you speak of certain moods or feelings you have. A lot of being worry about the stigma that word may have. However, keep in mind you are not alone.
The list below can be viewed as a precursor to depression. Keep in mind if you have at least five or more of the symptoms for longer than 2 weeks ten maybe you should consider talking to your doctor.

• If you are sad, feel anxious, or maybe even feel empty.
• Hopelessness, or constantly feeling of pessimism
• Feelings of helplessness, or guilt.
• If you loose interest in sex or hobbies that you once enjoyed.
• A feeling of being run down, fatigue, or loss of energy.
• You cannot concentrate or remember decisions you made
• You cannot sleep through the night, or you oversleep.
• You overeat therefore, gain weight or you don't eat enough and loose weight rapidly
• Suicide attempts, or thoughts of death and dying.
• You are irritable at the slightest noise.
• Headaches, digestive problems or chronic pain that don't respond to treatment.

If you think you or anyone you know may be depressed, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Real Estate

So you think you know your market? What market you ask? Real Estate. Lets start with how much is my house worth? That is usually the first question people want to know. Or " I live in California what is the market trend in the rest of the Nation? " To my chagrin I have been in culture shock now for about 2 years. Let me explain, this "Real Estate" market from a home buyers perspective. What a better place to start then someone who has lived in San Francisco for the past 17 years only to move to the deep south. Rehabbing Katrina homes will make even the most experienced home owner squeamish. After hiring every Tom Dick and Bubba with a tool belt that had a contracting license I can say I know the difference between a jack stud and a 3 tab shingle. Whoda thunk a jack stud would only cost $2.66. I didn't realize I would get to know the attorney generals name here in MS let alone become well aquatinted with the State of Mississippi's office of the state Auditor. But that is another story I am sorry I do regress. You see there is always a Realtor who has a secret jewel. Could be in South Texas or somewhere in Florida. They will all promise you the insiders scoop and how it has continued under the radar waiting for someone like you to take advantage along with a few real estate insiders. In coordination with most part of the country, single family home construction continues to slowly decline in this market. However, it is being more than offset by strong growth in commercial work, which has pushed up the overall value of construction in the first four months of 2007 an 18 percent increase compared with the same period last year. This news comes one month after reporting a record low unemployment and construction growth in April. Therefore lets break this down. We all make mistakes when trying to sell a home. Over improving, or putting a home on the market before it's ready. These are just a few things I have learned after 2 years of playing contractor extraordinaire. Even as? foreclosures continue to mount locally, home sales are booming in areas where schools have high test scores. But here in the South where F.E.M.A. has become the Realtor of choice there is no market to speak of. Once the home owner realizes what type of market they are dealing with the better equipped they will be in selling their home. What your home is worth sometimes is the million dollar question. Maybe one should ask what can I sell my home at after knowing the reality of the market? Their market, not the country. Look around your area, talk to your local realtors and don't be afraid to call on the house down the street. Just because homes in your area aren't selling doesn't mean yours won't. You would be surprised at how much some owners are asking for gutted homes or even rehabbed homes. Just keep in mind your local market and never shy away from offers.

You know you can help

National Canine Cancer Foundation