What’s Happening to Screensavers? Animation

When I was first asked to write about Animated Screensavers I was struck by what an *oxymoron the term was. After all isn’t that what a Screensaver does in a way? Most Screensavers I have seen are animated pictures for your monitors to either pass the time or to send off to a friend on his/her mobile to use as wallpaper, or so I thought. As my curiosity took over I did what every other good writer does. Research, Research, and then more Research. After 3 cups of coffee too many cigarettes and over 100 sites on Animated Screensavers, I pondered their effects this generation. Well blow me down Popeye! There were over 100 listing of Animated Screensavers. The Screensaver providers ranged from the familiar to the funny and then the amazing. I can honestly say the gurus of the Screensavers may very well be proud of how far and how ingenious the market has become.

The Screensaver mania as I call it began back in the early 90’s. A lot of companies turned their static sites into a money making machine. This one company totting their Screensaver wares had a section on their website that allowed you to play games with their screensavers. What sort of games you ask? What if I told you puzzles. Yes, actually board game puzzles like you and grandma played on a rainy day. The screensaver you choose will automatically move around your screen until you press a button for the pictures to stop moving. Once they do, the Screensaver pictures will stop. Let the chips or in this case pictures fall where they may. Simply put, you could spend hours or minutes on your computer putting Mount Rushmore back and hope you don’t have Washington’s nose on Roosevelt’s ear. You see they don’t allow for the two left-handed players like myself. I was never any good at the board puzzles so I don’t feel so bad.

However, after more clicking for the unusual and bizarre Animated Screensavers I was brought back to reality and my intent for this article. Research for Animated Screensavers. Once back on track I delved into the world of pages upon pages of Animated Screensavers and came upon an unmentioned site that is promoting their software to help create installable Animated Screensavers. Now you no longer need to download or pay for Animated Screensavers you can actually create your own. Of course you would have to be graphic artist or at the least a flash animator to make this possible. Keep in mind I am not that big on Screensavers let alone Animated Screensavers since my computer of choice is an Apple. If you are an Apple user then you know what I am talking about. Most Animated Screensavers out there are not compatible with Mac’s. Which in some ways I am thankful. I cannot imagine putting more junk on my computer that I don’t need.

*A combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly: something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements)

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