Outsourcing in America

Corporations, Marketing companies, Toy companies Telemarketing companies are selling out. What used to be made and or written in the “Good Ol USA” is now being outsourced to countries like India, Pakistan, Croatia and the like. In retrospect corporate greed and billion dollar profits are the root of this evil, not the lack of qualified workers in America. When I pick up the phone to talk to AT&T for example and I hear a voice on the other end with such a heavy accent he or she have to repeat themselves several times before I can comprehend is no longer about being cost efficient but irritating to me as the consumer. Best part is they tell me their name is Joe or Mary, however it sounds like they are saying “Yon or Airy”. Are we saying quantity is better than quality? Let me ask you this how is their quality any better than ours? The way I see it we are the ones training them then it is as simple as we are cutting our own hands. This is not about quality people wake up and smell the coffee. It’s about cheap labor. Basically we train them to develop products that we need and buy in order for them to come back and sell it to us at cutthroat pricing.

I was recently on an unnamed web site where writers were needed. I don’t think asking five dollars for a 500-700-word article is outrageous. When I put pen to paper I can write like a madman. Yet when the buyer asked me to do it for $1.75 I was shocked. Not because they had the audacity to ask for so much while paying so little, but that an American writer agreed to do this. The audacity comes into play when I explained that I would consider doing this for four dollars but I would retain the copyrights they wanted nothing to do with me. The corporations that outsource are taking food away from us and for the next generation to come. If the service provider chooses to be disloyal and undercut at a fair price that’s one thing but I can assure you this trend will eventually break our infrastructure. We think we are being sharp by outsourcing; all we really are doing is destroying our future.

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