Words are the building blocks of modern communication. Typography is one of my passions. Today type designers face a new advantage and challenges posed by technology and typeface design. Anyone with enough imagination and a flair for creativity can create a digitized font. Some create amazing typeface, and some you wish they never even tried. Consequently, a typographers primary task is to convey a message that has become more difficult. There are thousands of digitized fonts offered by a diverse range of talent. Keep in mind prices for typeface range in price from freeware to thousands of dollars when they are proprietary. No typographer or graphic designer has time to sift through the ever growing collection on the world wide web.Therefore here we can help you find the most bizarre, the classical even the one familiar to you. A vital link between the design world and communication of a specific message, font selecting is critical to any reputable design firm. Typography opens the world of design to create the unimaginable with a simple font.
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