Napoli the city known for Sofia Loren and creating the Pizza is in the Campania Region and the main metropolis of this southern region in this popular country. It is a beautiful city with promenades that nestle around the celebrated Mount Vesuvio all the way south to the Amalfi coast. From any of the hills surrounding this city one can see the jewels that are the islands of Capri and Ischia. Downtown Napoli has been built throughout the years on flat ground with numerous small winding streets that lead to dead ends. Yet there is no other place in the world where chaos has order. They are still to this day discovering ruins underneath this city, which adds to the congestion and traffic. This large bustling city holds a very special place in my heart, but most Americans shy away from because of all the bad publicity given to the hoodlums on their motor scooters. Sure they are there, but if you are a smart tourist you keep your money belt close to you and don’t flaunt your Euro or cameras. It’s a little paradise that has just recently started to get more tourism, in a way it’s a shame, but tourism is what feeds my Napoli.

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