The Northwestern Regions of Italy Include Lombardy, Piedmont, Val D’Aosta and Liguria. On the whole, the land is rich, life is prosperous, and food is to be enjoyed as one of its pleasures. Liguria is possibly the exception- a narrow strip of rugged land wedged between the Alps and the sea, but as compensation it has beautiful seaside resorts and boast with some of the most wonderful vegetables and herbs. Val D’Aosta is another favorite tourist region, famous for it’s soups and game, castles and mountain scenery. Rice butter and cheese, with the addition of the white truffle of Piedmont, dominate the generous cuisine's of Lombardy and Piedmont.

For most Italians there are two topics of conversation: Taxes and food. The reason is for many centuries many parts of the Ligurian regions were very unproductive due to the barren land that surrounds it. Wedged between the sea and the mountains it is a strip of rugged country where only certain types of agriculture is profitable or even possible. And that is fruit and vegetable growing. Instead of vast pasturelands there are a lot of vegetables grown there. Therefore most of the Ligurian diets and dishes have ample vegetables used.

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