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Nickels Private Investigations, The East Coast Fastest Growing Private Investigations firm, has launched their Internet website for 2008!

New England’s #1 Professional Investigations was established in Manchester, NH and is licensed in Maine, NH, Vermont and Mass. Ready to help you with your investigative needs!

Manchester NH— Nickels Investigations has a longstanding history and stellar reputation in the filed of criminal investigation. This agency is noted for its high client satisfaction and personalized services. Thomas F. Nickels established Nickels Professional Investigations in 1987 to provide leading edge investigation techniques and solutions for a diverse set of industries and clients.

The objective of this new website launch is to foster an exchange of successful industry strategies, but also to discuss industry pitfalls and cautions. With this kind of collaboration every corporation, attorney and personal client can learn from the unique opportunity of articles, blogs and questions they may have for their personal and private investigative needs such as:

• Criminal: Homicide Robbery Sex Crimes Racketeering
• Corporate: Security Consulting Sexual Discrimination Acquisition Profiling White Collar Crimes
• Insurance: Workers Compensation Liability Accident – Auto/Fire
• Civil: Divorce Child Custody/Recovery Statements
• Corporate investigation
• Partnership dispute
• Client and trade secrets
• White collar crime
• Personal protection
• Sexual age discrimination
• Hostile terminations
• Anti money laundering
• Video or Film surveillance
• Insurance fraud investigations
• Witness location
• Computer related crimes
• Homicide investigations
• Robbery violent crime
• Racketeering anti trust
• Matrimonial (family law)
• Missing persons
• Pre-marital
• Email traces
• Child custody
• Background checks
• Surveillance specialist

The mission is still the same. Learn, share and network. This website presence like-minded individuals has reinforced why they can trust this P.I. firm. Success is more attainable than ever. Come share those qualities.

Nickels Private investigator is nationally recognized and has undoubtedly proven itself in the investigative field. If you’re serious about meeting your goals, we would like to welcome you to our website launch.

Thomas F. Nickels
Nickels Professional Investigations
PO Box 4623
Manchester, NH 03108
(B) 603-623-6664 (C) 603-315-2973
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About us:
As the founder of this firm Mr. Nickels has brought over 30 years of knowledge and his attention to detail on every single case. He is involved with each case personally, and will use every resource available to him to make sure your case is solved. His expertise consists of Industrial Espionage, Corporate Anti-Trust, Insurance Fraud, Criminal, Divorce, and Child Custody. He has either led or participated on investigative teams that had nationwide attention on criminal and corporate cases. He is a member of Certified Fraud Examiners Association. His affinity for justice and the right thing to do will surpass any other agencies roll call.

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