Home Upkeep Basics for Sellers

If you own a home, even a very nice one, which you are trying to sell, it is always important to do regular upkeep. This prevents you from having to do a rush job of last-minute maintenance when the time comes to show your house to a prospective buyer.

And no, you do not need to do things that are best left to a contractor. (Those are best left—you guessed it, Einstein—to a contractor!) In all seriousness, though, little small jobs and tweaks are easy and relatively painless, yet can have a major global impact on the mindset of a potential buyer.

To Do List

The first step is to step outside is to step out the door (even have someone outside your household—perhaps a friend or your real estate agent), and then walk back in as if you’ve never been in your home before. Envision yourself as a buyer in the market for a home similar to yours. You walk in and what do you see?

Is everything cluttered? Is there too much furniture around? Are there moving boxes everywhere which should be in storage? No, your potential buyer will not look past that because they know you are getting ready to move!!! So stay organized and put things in storage!

Are the walls in need of repair or painted in non-neutral colors? Get to work! A little spackle and paint are within your means and will make a big difference in the implied value of each room.

Are the walls or ceilings blemished? Patch them up. Remove old nails and lamp hangers from the walls and ceilings. These are things you may overlook from day to day, thinking they just blend in... But, again, buyers notice details because they are looking for the perfect home, the American Dream. So try to put yourself in their shoes.

Are there stains in the toilet or shower, perhaps due to hard water? Scrub them up. These speak volumes in terms of not only the upkeep of the home, but in the quality of the bathrooms (which are well-known as one of the high selling points in a home).

On surfaces, are there too many miscellaneous knick-knacks? Put them away until you move. Just because you collect angels or cabbage patch dolls doesn’t mean your potential buyer will be able to see through those things to imagine the house being their own.

Simple is Good

Is vanilla boring? Never! Keep your house as clean, sleek, and neutral as possible. Too much color, clutter, and other distractions are going to turn off those who are trying to use their imagination (buyers). If you follow these simple tips and keep this mindset, your house will sell more quickly and for a better price.

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