At Risk Teens Consultant

Once a health risk appraisal is made for any teenager it is the indication that the teen is at risk of disease, drug abuse or emotional abuse to name a few problems. The teen health, behavior and demographic data are compared to behaviors of and data about a large national sample.

The principle behind risk appraisal is that each teen, as a member of a specific group, faces certain quantifiable health hazards and that average risks are applicable to the teem if the Educational Consultant what to look for.

Risk factors may be categorized according to age group, genetic factors. Biological characteristics, personal health habits, environmental, and previous educational aptitude. As the Consultant the ultimate goal is to engage and assist the teen in finding their healthy behavior.

Life style assessment focuses in the personal life-style and habits of the teen. From physical activity to nutritional practices, stress management, drug use etc. Several key methods are used to assess teens in this sector.
• Competence of self care
• Nutritional practices
• Physical recreational activity
• Sleep pattern
• Stress management.
• Self-actualization, including outlook on life and feeling about self, work, academia.
• Sense of purpose in life to knowledge what is important in life.
• Relationship with others.
• Use of the educational system.

The steps in planning for a healthier better-educated teen would mean change has to be eminent. The steps may include things like behavioral changes, and integrating these changes to fit the teen lifestyle. Get a commitment to change that behavior. Identify effective reinforcements and rewards. Whether these include incentives or more of a will power will vary from case to case. The Consultant is better equipped to assess each individual teen.

Consultants will offer various after school programs that can eventually re-habilitate the teenager. Some of these programs at various institutions can be federally funded. The services and support provided by the At Risk Teen Counselor can include one on one counseling with the trouble teenager. Therefore with the right applications and research, the teen can enroll in any of the programs for free. A Consultant will be knowledgeable about any and all opportunities in their city. Whether it’s privately funded or a federally funded program it’s a service a Consultant offers with their knowledge and research.

In order to become an At Risk Teen’s Consultant, a degree in Psychology or Family therapy is ideal. However other alternative backgrounds can be desirable. Having a background in social work will make research into federally funded programs that much easier. Some out of town travel may be necessary but not mandatory. It all depends on the institution one chooses to work with. The pay scale will vary from state to state but an average would represent a starting salary of $55,000 up to $135,000 a year. This is based on experience and work history.

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