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When I started this project out I intended to give out all information for free. How to get more clicks to your website. This is not only a test but I intend to do it without spending $3000 to some business I know nothing about.

If you have been keeping up with my writing then you know this is not an easy task. Writing SEO rich content is what I am doing in this article. I intend to prove my point that giving out information to the world will not only get me a higher ranking but will also prove that anyone can do this.

If you are not familiar with what SEO is then how can I put this lightly… basically you have been living under a rock. If you are marketing a product or are in a home business then you should be very familiar with this term. Hello everybody wake up. You won’t get anywhere close to being ranked unless you post at least 5 articles a day to at least 50-100 major article/Press release or blog submissions. That is a fact.

I will give you some places where it is free. But you know I have noticed even when these business say free what will end up happening is it’s free but you will have to go tot the back of the line. They have this automatic thingy mabob that says “your article is 567” on our list for submission. Well blow me down Popeye who’d thunk it. Free means free you morons! Or the latest battle I have had to fight with their beef with me is they found my article posted elsewhere. Duh! I posted it under another name. Okay so maybe I should pick one name and live with it. With that said from this day forward I shall no longer go by Word Smith, M7levels, Or M-7 habits are hard to break but that will be another article.

Okay okay I am going off on another one of my tangents. Here is the nity gritty. If you can set aside at least $200 per month for this project then the first place to go if you cannot write is
These people aren’t so bad but it takes 15 days before you can get your money. Basically if you get a job on their site and the client pays you through their escrow account then there is a 15 mandatory wait period. But hey do they wait to take your monthly fee of $12 hell no they take that puppy right out of your PayPal account no questions asked. Therefore any place I am going to send you to peruse there will be the good the bad and the ugly. But At least you know what to expect.

This is a doozy. You can actually hire writers to do the work for you. I have been able to get writers to write for about $3 an article. Sure they aren’t as good as a fifth grader but you will get volume. And if you really want to have some weight to your articles then please edit the work. It will take some time but its well worth it. I have actually found some good writers there, but most will disappear if the writing gets too complicated.

• Give them the outline and the keywords.
• Tell your writers how you want them to format the writing. After all it will reflect on you.
• Oh and lets not forget make sure you have some agreement where they cannot re-use your articles.

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