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I see you are still with me, good thing I still have a lot to say about SEO writing and getting traffic with clicks to your website. As I was saying spend a couple of days or a week cleaning them up (the articles you farmed out). Then upload them or for an extra $1 you can have them (the sweat shop writers) upload the articles if you trust them. But let it be said for a $1 I wouldn’t be too assured. See I told you it would take some work, but stay with me here there is more than one way to slice a carrot, whatever that means. It just sounded cool.

Back to the meat of this article and all the things you have to do for higher clicks. There is a lot of information out on the Internet but trust me when I tell you no one is going to give you this free information. If they do there is always a catch. You see that old saying is true nothing is free. But today is your lucky day if you happened on this page then guess what you have hit a gold mine. I am spilling my guts, I am singing like a bird, giving you all you need to know.

Here is another website I have worked through and with where you can either find writers or sell your services. I have been using their services therefore it works. But like everything else on this Internet they have the pros and cons.

• Any business like these people is they are out to make money. So if you do have problems with a writer or a potential client they won’t do very much about it. Yeah they say they will help you mediate your dispute, but by the time they get all the information you may as well live without your electricity.
• Second thing is their percentage rate is high. Not only do you have to pay to subscribe but also they cash in with an additional 3%to 7% of your take.
• Always ask for 50% up front if the client is not willing to do that stop communicating with them. I cannot tell you how many times I have spent hours responding to emails and sending out marketing packages only to see them go elsewhere. Hey that’s cool they probably got a better price and that’s okay too.

At this point in my career I expect the competition I actually enjoy it. Point here is if you are going to work from home these are some things you will encounter. I think I have actually run out of things to say. This is what they call a writers block, I call its time for a bee and rest. Maybe I should take my little Lucy for a walk. She has no clue why I am spending so many hours typing on this thing. I don’t blame her. Life is out there and I am going to go out and enjoy it. Hope to see you soon I will have more to say about SEO writing and getting traffic with clicks to your website.

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