SEO vs. SEM who’s your Daddy? Part II

Now lets imagine you visit that same department store looking specifically for new lingerie. However this time you are miraculously and instantly teleported to the lingerie department without having to go through the whole store? There are no trinkets or other things that capture you attention. This is what they call SEM (paid search) landing page.

Due to the Search engine result page (SERP) you are going to be directed by your keywords, the SEM procedure is direct and ultimately become more profitable for the owners of that site, especially when you have people asking for specific requests.

Using paid listing will give the owner’s of that site full control of what you as the user sees once you have clicked on their page. Again this destination in my case would be the lingerie department. It can even become specific if I as the buyer know the name and the brand of what I am looking for. Therefore the user would jump directly from the search page to buy exactly what they are looking for. Remember the closer I am to what my mindset was when I first started this search the more I am going buy right then and there.

Clicks in Full action.

Here is a good example of how the SEM and SEO landing page are going to vary. When I place lingerie in the Google search engine I am given Results 1-10 of about 99,400,000 for Lingerie. The first one on the paid results is Red door Lingerie. When I click on their website it is clear their SEO Title tag has been designed to function the way it should. Their keywords on their home page are “lingerie, sexy lingerie, fine lingerie” which then takes me to their organic landing page. Here as you can see the multiple mentions of their keywords is part of their title. Now if I had clicked directly to their link in the paid ad that click takes me directly to their order page. Please look at the picture below. There you will notice I am at the order page. That page has keywords that reflect free shipping order etc.

Basically when a retailer uses 2 landing pages one for their home page that show all products they sell and the other directly to their order page is how proper SEO and SEM is used. Again keep in mind an SEO page will have all the generic product the retailer sells and the SEM page will have all the actual order process. Therefore as a retailer one should consider having 2 landing pages in order to use and share with the consumer a complete web experience.

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