SEO Email Campaign

You want top ranking then listen up. One if the best ways to get reciprocal links and top page rankings are from these basic steps. I will give you an easy 10 step to a successful reciprocal linking campaign:

  • Think then write the keywords that need to describe what you do.
  • Write a generic letter that you can plug in the various changes easily (customization tips at the end.)
  • Do a Google search for all keyword and write the URL for the ones they give (remember not just the home page but the page that actually came up with your keyword)
  • Take all competitors off that list.
  • Take your list out and get names numbers address for the entire URL you found of use and write them down.
  • Start a link campaign (list) for each page you want a link back from. Make sure that is it appropriate to the page of your site and defiantly not your home page. (For example I have been using my Article page) Don’t over do it 10 should be your maximum and 5 your minimum.
  • Go ahead and email this letter to your potential link backs. (Below I have some tips)
  • Check their back links. (Some will tell you they will and guess what they don’t)
  • Kick them to the curb if they don’t comply within 30 days of starting this program.
  • Keep an eye on these guys. They may give you a nice page to begin with but eventually they will drop you like a rented mule.

Reciprocal Email Tips you will use as a link back:

  • Try to use the name and address of the name (make them feel special not just a Hello sir or hello Madame).
  • Stroke stroke stroke about how wonderful their site is and why you chose them.
  • Have an introduction paragraph of why they should link back to you. Offer them something they don’t have. (I offer them free access to all my articles).
  • Spell it out for them tell them why you think a link back is good without being competitive. Tell them how it would benefit their clients.
  • Tell them you already have a reciprocal link back to their site give them the url and also be humble and tell them you hope they don’t mind but you felt compelled to have like minded business people available to their client base.
  • Show them you understand the anchor side of things and that you comprehend the link strategy.
  • Suggest that if they want a link back to you they can use this specific URL. Don’t be shy share the lover and the wealth.
  • Offer to change the link anchor text of their URL if they wish.
  • Be nice professional and thank them. Use your CV card so they can contact you and download your information to their contact list.

Now I would suggest you do this manually. Sure there are software’s out there that can do it for you. But if you are a small company such as myself and are still struggling trying to figure out what the heck you have been doing then you can keep better record in your own rhythm rather than having a software take over your work.

Look eventually I will start using more sophisticated software to do some of this for me. But right now I want to know where all my success are and I want to track things the way I know how. The easy way.

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