SEO Must Read

Titles: Each page on your web site has to have a unique title that indeed reflects the key words the page will be found under. Regardless of any links, this will simply change the search traffic that is independent of the link

Links: These have to be good if anything give your readers relevant links. Not only will you sound like you know what you are talking about but also you are giving them something they can use. Remember people are coming to your site because they trust you simple.

Rich Keyword research has to be done: I have mentioned this previously and I have written an article with some very important tools that can be found here. Therefore make sure you know what keywords you competitors are using and which phrases will get some hits.
Content: Text text and more text. Pictures and flash is nice including great video but people want to know there is a pulse behind the pictures or videos. Even if you write 300 words or post a comment. Make sure you read your posers comments and let them know you are there it will garner your fans as it were.

Architecture: This is something that shouldn’t have to be said but you would be surprised at how many times I have just left a site because one page did not work. Or a form was not installed properly. People just don’t have he patience they want the info and they want it now. If they cannot get instant gratification or god forbid a link is not working properly you will see a drop in your rankings and your readership.

Below are some links to some trash I have been able to pick up along the way you would be surprised at how Google yahoo and a couple of other big hitters should do as they say and not do as I do.. or something to that effect.

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Spam Blog crackdown
Crack Cocaine! Google, Yahoo Chase the Dragon
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