American Idol and Giving back

I gave back last night, at least as much as I can consider I don't have much. But here is a question to ponder.

How many of these CEO that are making over $200 million a year give to anyone unless it's a tax write off?

How many corporations give a Freaking hoot about anyone but themselves?

Another thing I would like to ask is why is it always New Orleans that gets the limelight when it comes to Katrina?

Katrina did not hit New Orleans it hit MS. It was the levees that failed that city not the Storm. Therefore maybe if they voted for politicians that gave a rats ass about that city and wouldn't have lined their pockets with the $$ New Orleans wouldn't have been in the mess it is in today. Another thing I would like to add to my tirade is a lot of these people never had a decent home to live in. They spend it on cars drugs and ho's. I have been and out of the South for the past 30 years. Some of these neighborhoods were nothing before Katrina. They never bothered fixing their roofs or cleaning up their yards. They allowed their children to run amuck and now I am supposed to feel sorry for them cause they don't have a playground. Screw that shit. They never had a freaking playground but their dirty neighborhoods. I am not bitter and I am probably going to piss a lot of people off but I am a realist and this is the truth. The facts people.

Look I know I am probably saying stuff people don't want to hear or don't believe. But I guarantee those politicians used the $$ for their own benefit instead of using it to reinforce the levees to begin with.

Look I may sound bitter but I live down here and I see it everyday. There are some good honest hard working folks in New Orleans as well as in MS but there are a LOT more taking advantage of the system.

I say start looking at the economy in the country the rich are getting richer and the poor well hell who ever stands up for them unless they get kudos from someone or get their face on TV. I am a hard working individual I pay taxes and I do the best I can with the talents I have. No one ever hands me a tax break no one ever hands me a check for suffering. Maybe that's why I will never become a millionaire. I always give more than I can afford hoping it helps.

So yes I am happy I was able to give back last night. But I would like to see the rich give without the limelight just for once. No TV no big article and no tax break.

You know you can help

National Canine Cancer Foundation