Do-It-Yourself SEO: A Beginner's Checklist

As a do it yourself SEO content developer I have been trying to give you as much information regarding the how to’s and how you don’t for the past month. I hope I have given you some valuable information. I have seen a few of you comment on how helpful some of the documents I have offered have been and a lot of you not saying a word. I say don’t be shy I want to encourage your questions in order to pone a dialogue and maybe even given me some examples and sites you have found of relevance.

It seems I am doing all the work and you people are not pitching in. Remember we all learn together with information since information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Enough of my sermon and back to business. Whether you have an SEO team you are working with or are doing this by yourself here are some more tips on how to promote your website during your spare time.

1. Search Engine-Friendly needs to be created
I have said this over and over again therefore pay attention and remember people want to read value not a barrage of useless information. Flash embedded text or the search engines will not read text embedded in your images. Therefore using important keywords is the answer, using hyperlinks in text form and use CSS as your “buttons” or image for your navigation link is the ticket. This will create great anchor text that will result in the search engines finding you easier and faster. Repetition is also another aspect just don’t overdo it. One way to see if your keywords are being crawled is to plug in those words in a search engine and take a look. Is it being crawled?

2. Keywords have to be chosen Wisely
If this is done properly from the beginning then your reaming efforts and moving forward will make your SEO efforts so much more remarkable. Use the
Keyword tools I have given you they are free. This will always be a good point of reference. Use phrases sometimes that how people will do a search. Most people out there don’t just use keywords when searching for information. Think about the last time you searched for something. If you are like me you will sue a sentence. For example, when searching for a store to buy your specialty food. You will use things like “ how to make humus, or where can I buy humus home made” Okay so you may not even know what humus is but once again I am going off on a tangent and I am sure you get the drift.

3. Keywords and phrase word variation
This is another thing to keep in mind there are tools that can help you with that. It’s called a Wordtracker. Or even a keyword discovery you can find these tools online or you can go to my SEO tools and bookmark them and people USE THEM. You can bring a horse to water but you cannot… well you know the rest.
Have other business link to you

It’s all about relationships. Don’t give up. Keep trying to find relevant sites that will give you a link back. But make sure it pertains to what you are doing. There are a lot of sites out there that will give you a reciprocal link you just have to do your homework and find them. This past weekend I have found several sites where I have added my link and they have reciprocated the link. Just a word of caution make sure they give you a link back and that it’s a two way street. Quality not quantity is the key here. Otherwise your readers will be turned off. Some of the methods are by:

Press releases with relevance to your website
Submission to good directories like Yahoo, Google or as Dave states ALEXA.
Clients you have worked with or worked for ask them if they would mind using your link as a potential link back. These are always taken into consideration when you are going to move up the PageRank ladder. Google and other search engines look to see how many links are available out there with your site.
Forums, chat spaces, logs that are relevant to what you are doing.

Articles articles and more articles
From Ezine articles, to submitting your articles that pertain to your business will always
Social media, bookmarking, and get viral. Join some of theses neighborhoods from Facebook, to you tube etc. Make sure it is all-relevant to what you are doing.

I hope this has helped and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Keep working at this I know it can be frustrating and it may not give you immediate results, but persistence, determination, and commitment will.

You know you can help

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