This Universe of diverse complexity

SleepilyI furrowed my dark taned brow as I reached and grasped for the letters to formulate and become the words that stubbornly refused to surface.
We live in a universe of staggering complexity. Stars cluster into galaxies that form clusters of galaxies in sheets and walls with vast gaps between them.
On this blue pebble, life has proliferated upwards in complexity and diversity, giving rise to an explosion of molecular diversity, species diversity, niche diversity, the evolution of humans with language, a spawned web of technologies, laws, literature, and science.
The highway stretched before me unyieldingly melding into the hazy horizon as I pressed on the gas pedal persistently.
I can feel myself beginning to slip into a slumber as the motor's hum stealthily steals me away into the fog that has wrapped itself tightly about me. I can do nothing, but be carried away.
The humming is now the words I hear whispered by your lips pressed against my ear.
The warmth of your breath flows into me becoming one with the beating of my heart.
Weightless and balanced, I am floating on the energy you give as you move closer to my body.
You seem a million miles away as I hold my breath waiting for you to touch me. . . caressing me only with those eyes whose image, colors, patterns and soul will always be inside me, forever.

You know you can help

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