Social Networking

Are they really as useful as people say they are?

I am not sure any more, it seems every time I join one of those there are the "local" yokels that buzz around you if you are a new writer in their midst.

They are mean, combative and think you are an ass. They may not say it but the way they hover around and start spewing their rhetoric as their buddies chuckle and join on the band wagon with their own opinions make me laugh. It's pathetic actually since it is apparent they have nothing better to do than criticize.

Here is a fine example. As you can see I was venting about paying taxes on this new blog roll I joined. I was asking a relatively simple question. Why do I pay taxes when nothing works? I went as far as to state my position as a landlord and a home owner. Well if I didn't get the cackle from people saying well you are better off than most because you own your homes and you shouldn't complain about paying taxes and stupid ignorant remarks about some subculture I was in, Mama Mia!! Look I wasn't looking for sympathy but maybe someone to say yeah our taxes aren't being used the way they should be or maybe even a suggestion (in all fairness one did say that but then she went on to say I had it better than most) The point is and was I don't feel my tax dollars are being used properly period!

Now back to why I am writing this post. Social networking it's all about joining groups and trying to state your opinions and share information with the world. After all we spend billions of dollars a year on the Internet and for the most part it's an alright community. I have joined some that I am very happy with and they are always going to have some sore losers that have nothing better to say but crap. What I have noticed in those communities is if you take the time to see where these posters are they always hover around their own. They never venture out of their comfort zones. God forbid they make an informed opinion rather than just asinine remarks. Or better yet God forbid if you say something of a personal nature or discuss having a bad day.

As I mentioned most are pretty good, and some are very accommodating and even allow you to post some very personal intimate poetry or even some deep dark secrets. Then again you have the know it all that will banter with you .. I wish it was intelligent banter and not stupidity. Then again I may be just getting old and saying things my parents used to say... "This world is going to hell in a hand basket"

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