Does your SEO have heart?

The insatiable appetite for fame and for instant gratification has taken us by storm and we don’t even notice it. I was born in the 60’s and there was a place in my heart for peace, love and laisser fairs attitude. As with all artists the thought was that one-day the world would become more acceptable of change and diversity.

No matter what the price today it needs to happen right away. From Blogging, you Tubing, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Now the latest thing Twittering. And if you are in the Internet industry SEO is the heart of that business.

When I was growing up things were different, as I am sure they are with any generation. However I was raised in Lebanon millions of miles away from the US including with a different culture a different language with different values. That’s not to say it was better or worst but at 9 years of age I still genuflected when I met my parents friends and called all adults “Madame and Messieurs”.

There was never a need to stand out in the crowd nor was there a need to become better than others, you just had your instilled values and parents to guide you through the hard times and your girlfriends to discuss boys. Since talking to your parents would ensure you never seeing that boy again.

You are probably wondering what does that have to do with SEO. Plenty. If you read anyone’s blog about SEO they will more often than not tell you PPC and link backs should be part of your efforts in Search engine optimization in order to have a better PageRank. They will also tell you that the age of your website has a lot to do with your each ranking. So if you are just starting you make sure you buy your domain name for 10 years rather than just 2 or 5. It will cost a few extra dollars but like everything else. With age comes wisdom, and search engines will give your site more weight than a newer domain name.

But as a child of the 60’s I still refuse to believe I have to spend so much money in order to make money. If you are in the SEO industry I am sure you are well aware that in order to get a better page rank your first priority is the back end of your web site. From Meta tags to headers and to your Meta descriptions. But what if you are not a huge company with a lot of money set aside for expert opinions. Well then you start reading and hopefully you will find useful information regarding how to take the bull by the horns and doing your own SEO.

I must read more websites with more information about SEO and have yet to find anyone who has a different strategy. The one thing I can add to everyone’s’ guru advise is don’t stop doing what you are doing. That is if you are following my advice. SEO is all about adding sizzle before you fizzle. Don’t just add a list of keywords hoping your readers will find you. But look at keywords phrases; those seem to get more hits than just keywords.

I have found several sites that give you new information and can actually fix your code if you follow their instructions.

Search Engine Guide

In conclusion to SEO must have heart read up on SEO without trying to shoot your site to the stars overnight. It won’t happen unless it’s happening illegally. Keep in mind the 5 things I have mentioned through out this blog.

  • Content must be great.
  • Links have to have a certain value to your reader.
  • Organically optimize your site.
  • Make sure your websites are built to withstand crawling from the major Search engines.
  • Social Networking is a lot of work but pays off.

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