Introduction to Digital Photography

Believe it or not, digital photography has been used since the early 1980’s when it was first introduced in the astronomy profession. Nowadays, it has become the industry standard with both amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Digital photography, which is the art of manipulating photographs in bit map form through the use of a computer, allows for the flexibility and creativity that is at the heart of the photography industry. Keep in mind however, that using digital images will not turn an amateur photographer into a pro or a poor photo into a good one. It is simply one more creative tool that makes up a photographers bag of tricks.

Digital photography allows for the precise refinement of many aspects of a photograph. This includes color, detail, tone, retouching and many other photograph dynamics. Digital photography does not allow photographers to be sloppy or inpatient with their pictures, as lighting cannot be adequately altered by this or any computer tool.

Digital photography

Has become the medium of choice among photographers for several reasons. Not only is digital photography more flexible and have considerably more editing capabilities, but it is more cost effective than film photography. With digital photography your costs virtually stop after you purchase your initial equipment. On the contrary, with film photography, you have the recurrent costs of film and chemical processing materials. The only drawbacks to digital photography are that you will need access to electrical outlets and the equipment is generally more sensitive to cold and moist environments. Photographers that are going to invest in digital photography equipment should first analyze the environments in which they will be taking most of their pictures to determine if an SLR camera is a better investment than a DSLR version.

Photographers who make a living in the advertising, news and entertainment businesses have particularly embraced the idea of digital photography. Digital photography not only allows for greater flexibility and creativity, but also for enhancements, storage, printing and transmission options that are not available with any other photography medium.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography refers to the photography of clothing and other fashion items. It is most commonly utilized for advertising, magazines and other print related materials.
Today, fashion and beauty is a $150 billion dollar industry. A photographer who both specializes in and is good at fashion photography has an unlimited income potential in today’s market.

Model Photography

Model photography is different from fashion photography in that the center of attention is not the clothing or accessories but the model themselves. Model photographers create portfolio, comp cards and other marketing materials for commercial, fashion and glamour models. In order to be successful at model photography it is imperative that the photographer be able to locate settings and backgrounds that are pleasing to the eye and complimenting to the model.

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