SEO Careers – From Copywriting to Coding, What You Really Have to Know

If you are a writer and are thinking about writing for a living, very few of us would consider a job as an SEO copy writer or any other type of SEO job. It's extremely competitive and most of them don't know what they are doing. I always tell our clients the proof is in the results. We are on Page 1 of Goolge for Professional SEO Specialist. We actually have 5 listings on page 1 so go figure right?

Okay enough about us let me get back to giving you the information. Considering this option as a career you must consider these points. It is time consuming and technical. I am sure you have all seen these people trying to sell you a video or download for only $99. Great tips on how to get huge amount of traffic or tons of business overnight. In all honesty it doesn't work. I have been at this for years, and take it from me. It takes time, technique and lots of patience. You are competing with millions of businesses online. And I have always asked myself this question, if the person is making so much money online why are they giving you their secret? I don't know about you but I don't feel compelled to share my million dollar making scheme with anyone. Hellooo is it me or does that make sense?

But that is another article. Lets get back to SEO Careers. Yes, they are on the rise, however and there are many different ways that writers can find their own niche when dealing with any type of SEO. This is becoming a very popular job prospect. It's like anything that becomes popular in today's society, you have to become a specialist. For example if you are an MD you can choose to be a GP or you can specialize in one specific realm of medicine. Therefore If you are looking for information on how to cash in on your writing career why not consider SEO. Here is your chance to find out what it takes from someone who has been doing it for over 10 years.

SEO copywriters are copywriters that must have a basic knowledge of writing great copy. However SEO is different, there is a science to making copy read well for humans and search engines alike. SEO by definition is search engine optimized. How this is done is by using keywords that are highly ranked in Google. This is one of the top ways to get organic traffic.

  • You need to know how to write SEO articles.
  • Article submission and directory submission in order to drive traffic to a site.
  • Find the keywords by using a specific tools in Google such as Adwords, Quake or other keyword analysis tools.
  • Find the most popular terms (once you have used the KEI) that are currently rating high and write your article with those terms in mind.
  • Do not stuff your articles with the keyword. Use common sense and use good copy writing skills.
  • Always write the article with a purpose for the reader.
  • Once you are done then go back through the article and place the keywords no more than 3 times in the text.
  • Once in the first sentence, then in the middle of the copy and lastly in the last paragraph or last sentence.
Well that was a mouthful, but that's just the beginning. I have written another article that gets more specific about primary, secondary and tertiary keywords. Now if you are looking at SEO careers in coding, most SEO service providers have a working knowledge of the current version of HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The current version that is available is HTML5. Using hypertext is a way of creating links both to the page in question and links such as trackbacks for articles that someone else is commenting on or tracking.

As a copywriter I have to know how to do this in order to create successful hyperlinks. A basic way of creating a hyperlink is if you are creating a document, you would type in the url address of where you want the reader to go to. If you are using a word processing program, then you would be able to create the link by choosing create hyperlink. You would add a word and link it to the hyperlink so that if any one clicked on the word in blue then they would be taken to the page in question.

Most SEO service providers also know how to write compelling copy for the page in question. Here is where article submission and directory submission comes into play. What are they, you may ask? Article submission is when you submit your articles to both article databases and directories. These articles will have to engage your reader while having a specific message. This is where it gets tricky. You cannot expect your reader to click on the link unless they are truly interested in your message. So keep in mind you won't get every reader to click on your link but if you offer a valuable service at a competitive price eventually you will get the customers. It does however take time. And if you hear from online marketers saying it doesn't then with all due respect they are lying to you.

Lastly I have been asked doesn't Google penalize you for having duplicate content? The answer is "No" you can read it from Google directly. That is not to say you should upload the same article to 100 directories. Rather do what I do, I upload them to all our blogs, then refine each one so it reads different than the other 2 blogs. You would be surprised at how many time my articles have been picked up by other blogger, and article directories. Makes me feel like a star. So if you are looking for a trade and are creative without thinking "inside" the box, then check out SEO Careers.

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