When is SEO necessary?

Whether you are a small business owner or a CEO of a large company you cannot help but wonder about this topic. I have been asked this very same question by both; when is SEO necessary?

This is because most people out there still do not understand nor have the time to inform themselves about the real power that SEO articles and copy carry. There are really two major factors to consider. The first point (and advantage) of these articles is that they are rich in keywords/phrases which are designed to get the attention of the search engines “crawlers” –these are akin to electronic spiders that go searching the entire Internet for the information that you are looking for based upon what you have just typed into the search box. Secondly the copy should read well, engage the readers and entice them to click on your site. Hopefully and ultimately offering them the solution, the service, or that new magic potion you offer.

In case you are not aware SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. In it's purest form, this style of copywriting is designed to help the search engine “crawlers” find what the reader is looking for based upon how those articles are ranked by the search engines themselves.

So maybe you are wondering how do I write SEO Articles? First you need to know the basics of writing copy. The main thing is to have a goal in mind, an outline if you will that will make the words flow. Then I pick out a keyword or phrase that characterizes your item, product or idea. This can be anything from the name of a specific product or place to something like writing content geared towards the real estate market. The point of the keywords/phrases is the main idea of what the SEO article is all about.

If you are writing articles for someone else, they are likely to give you the necessary keywords. Most will also ask for a certain keyword density. I always advise the client that a 3%-5% keyword density is best. That translates into great copy without stuffing too many keywords. You see there are three forms of keywords. They are:

a. primary

b. secondary

c. tertiary

Lets hypothetically say the client wants the main keyword to be Alcohol Abuse.

I would then break it down like this

a. Primary (main keyword or key phrase given) alcohol abuse
b. Secondary (related topics) alcohol abuse statistics, alcohol abuse effects
c. Tertiary (Variations of keyword or key phrase) alcohol and abuse, abuse of alcohol

Sometimes I get carried away therefore before I regress again you are wondering back to the original question here: when is SEO necessary? Anytime you are on the World Wide Web SEO/SEM and all it's variations of techniques are necessary.

Is SEO necessary to make your mark in this very competitive marketplace? This is one of those questions that people have been asking for quite a while, and the answer is a resounding YES folks! SEO Articles are meant to draw the attention of not only the search engine crawlers and those readers that you really want to reach.

You're familiar with the language used: "act now and we'll send you two pieces of junk you don't need, but wait there's more, call in the next ten minutes and we'll add a third useless item."

Does any intelligent person really respond to this kind of pitch, and what self-respecting business would actually behave in this manner? The fact is, if you sell something of value at a reasonable price, and you treat your customers with some respect, you will get your share of business.

You may not get all the business, nobody does, but the business you do get, will result in more satisfied customers, more word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately more sales.

This is why it is so important to stay in touch with your clients and new potential business. Many businesses think that they don’t need to know anything about SEO Articles, but they are very wrong indeed. This kind of thinking is what leads them to ask the title question of when is SEO necessary? All the time, is the answer to that.

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