Submitting articles to directories

Submitting articles and web pages to their respective directories has, for the last so many years, been a cut and dry, cookie-cutter-esque, type of process, in which you followed a specific set of rules designed to simplify and streamline the process. But, the guidelines that were meant to speed up the process and make it “so much easier” for those submitting have actually become more confusing and outdated than helpful. This has led many people in the SEO community to stop submitting through the process and, instead, to post through other means. They say that they have even received much better results.

So should we all abandon ship and follow these discoverers into the open water? As will be no surprise, some say Yes and some say No. The die-hard “old guard” types in the SEO community want to stay on the ship. They like their cabin and they don’t mind the food. They have even grown accustom to the mixing smells of saltwater and wood. But, there are also those out there who say that there are several reasons to go ahead paddle away. And unfortunately there is no happy medium between the two viewpoints right now, which is making more of a mess out of an already confusing situation.

Chief among the reasons for those who are abandoning is that there is a storm coming that will most likely tear the SEO ship to bits. With the rise of organic searches, SEO will become obsolete, so all former tactics needs to be discarded and new strategies must be developed. This will be a good thing for the searchers, as they will be able to more easily and more quickly find what they are actually searching for. Also, the results will appear in and order of importance that makes more sense to the searcher.

This means that there won’t be a bunch of paid advertisements at the top of the results page confusing the searcher who is looking for something specific. Practically speaking for the companies, this also means that it won’t matter any longer if you have the best article, product or web site and are on the top of the list next to paid advertisements. The searcher can and will just skip on over you. So it is time to change. It is time to start re-thinking how articles are written and submitted, because the trends are going in a different direction.

Want someone (or something) to blame? Blame all the paid advertisements that are all over the place. Functionally they are how Google and the other search engines were able to start making money in the beginning. But they have gotten out of hand, and the searchers are fed up with it. So change is coming. Are you “on board”?

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