SEO Controversies – Fact or Fiction

In the world of SEO writing, there are a good many controversies swirling. These controversies range from the use of SEO to the changes that W3C is implementing to search engines such as Google. There are a lot of myths and misinformation that are driving some of us in the industry batty and a lot of us dive into these rumors. Let’s take a look at some of the rumors/controversy and see if we can pick through them.

How do you "SEO"? Our first rumor and controversy involves the right way to optimize your content or website. "SEO" means search engine optimization or optimizer; it works for most search engines. There's no real "right way", as strategies vary from company to company.

Can I trick the Search engines ? • Now this leads into the next controversy which is SEO arranging and Google. Google will be changing how it ranks web pages in 2009. There has been a plan that was arranged with W3C in regards to how this will be run. Once this change is implemented, organic results will be stressed instead of keywords results. Organic simply means natural search and will be more suited to the person searching instead of the popular keyword searching results. This will indeed bring more people to your site.

How can I know if SEO works? • While some will argue that if they don’t get results with a company then you should fire them. Listen have you allowed them at least 30 -60 days to show you results? You see after the changes in Google takes place, this particular argument will indeed be moot. Right now, it is advisable to run what you have as far as pages, but start changing them now, in order to be compliant when the change occurs.

How can I pick an SEO provider? • Right now, as far as doing business with an SEO company is concerned, your best bet is to go with a company that has proven results. However, bear in mind that once the Google changes take place, the norm of search engines optimization will be a thing of the past and companies as well as individuals will have to do things much differently than they do now. Search engine techniques will be less important and the natural search will become more important. If you are working with a company currently that does SEO, then you will need to ask them how they will become compliant with the recent W3C edict for the new changes.

The Google/W3C changes in the World Wide Web, may be frightening at first, but will ultimately result in the best things possible with consumers. SEO is changing and the best thing that can be done is to roll with the punches and conform to the new changes. Ultimately your company will see better results which in turn mean ROI. This will, in the long run, bring you more qualified customers that will buy your service or product. In conclusion it's not all doom and gloom the new changes will benefit all.

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