The 2D's

What is the right way to serve wine? How do you hold the glass? Are there different glasses for different wines? Do I bring wine to a dinner party? What temperature do you serve wine? How do I order wine in a restaurant?

These are just a choice few questions raised by wine enthusiasts during a discourse on wine. Wine is surrounded by history of etiquette, ritual, and culture so it only stands to reason that you would want to lessen the chances of making a “Faux Pas” that would make you look uniformed.

There are correct ways to serve wine, and there are certain glasses for different varieties of wines. If you are a “Sommelier” (a waiter in a restaurant who has charge of wines and their service: a wine steward) then there are accepted procedures on how to hold a wine glass, pour the wine, and store the wine. Keep in mind these “procedures” have been the norm for years. However there may be variations due to the various regions the Sommelier was trained at. Suffice it to say there is also an unspoken rule along with traditions that surround taking wine to a party or ordering from a restaurant. Most of us don't realize the stigma that goes with being a wine enthusiast. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts to consider. What I call the 2D’s. They will hopefully refine your style along with giving you a basic education of proper etiquette in the wine world: The 2D’s
• DO select a wine that goes with the host or hostesses meal. (Call ahead and ask if you don't know.)
• DON'T expect to drink that wine at the party. Your host may already have a wine planned to use.
• DO fill a glass half way so you can swirl the wine to release the aroma.
• DON'T guzzle your wine.... SIP it!
• DON'T store your wine above the refrigerator, by the hot water heater, or in the trunk of your car. (It is too hot)
• DO store the wine at the recommended temperature. (55 degrees Fahrenheit)
• DON'T leave the cork out of the bottle. This will cause your wine to oxidize and lose its flavor.
• DO pour wine with the label toward your guest so they can see what they are getting.
• DON'T hold the glass in your hand. This will heat your wine as you drink it.
• DO hold the glass by the stem.
• DON'T over indulge. Know when to quit. You won't show refinement or class when drunk.
• DO be enthusiastic to try new varieties
• DON'T accept inferior wines at a restaurant
• DO smell the cork when your waiter uncorks your wine at the table. This tradition has been ignored by since most corks now are made of plastic. However if it is a “cork” the lines and color at the end of the cork will give tell tale signs of the quality and the care taken by the wine maker. For example if a cork has only 2 diagonal lines this reveals the wine has not been disturbed while in the bottle (shaken) it will also reveal the quality of cork used. Obviously a cheaper cork will have more lines therefore one can assume the wine was not of high quality.
• DON'T order wine by the price. Expensive wines can be inferior and cheaper wines can be divine.

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