Did you know that at least 20 million Americans suffer from depression? This is according to the National Institute of Mental Health, including this disease is more common in women than it is in men. It’s more than the blues, nor is it something you can just "snap out of.” It is a serious problem that is curable.
Keep in mind you cannot see or hear depression. It’s not something that can be diagnosed by a doctor unless you speak of certain moods or feelings you have. A lot of us worry about the stigma that word may have. However, keep in mind you are not alone.
The list below can be viewed as a precursor to depression. Keep in mind if you have at least five or more of the symptoms for longer than 2 weeks ten maybe you should consider talking to your doctor.
• If you are sad, feel anxious, or maybe even feel empty.
• Hopelessness, or constantly feeling of pessimism
• Feelings of helplessness, or guilt.
• If you loose interest in sex or hobbies that you once enjoyed.
• A feeling of being run down, fatigue, or loss of energy.
• You cannot concentrate or remember decisions you made
• You cannot sleep through the night, or you oversleep.
• You overeat therefore, gain weight or you don’t eat enough and loose weight rapidly
• Suicide attempts, or thoughts of death and dying.
• You are irritable at the slightest noise.
• Headaches, digestive problems or chronic pain that don't respond to treatment.
If you think you or anyone you know may be depressed, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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