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Thanks to the variety of tools, and as the Internet has become an integral part of our life, just as the early morning coffee; it has also opened new worlds. Not only can you research other articles or enrich your knowledge, you can download for free Music Video! The Internet has spawned a variety of innovative programs written, that can be used to enrich the content on the Net, as well as downloads.

In looking up Free Music Video downloads – a variety of websites exist - you will find that there are paid sites, which give you authentic downloads, and others, which give it out free, with one or two conditions attached, such as a minor purchase, or giving out your personal information. This personal information, when given out by you in downloading, helps the site owner create lists of users, which in turn he passes it on to other companies which are seeking names, addresses and ids, to send out their own mailers. Some of them are spam writers, and some are genuine to send you free offers.

This free music video downloads are presently being debated by the society in general, and the music and video companies in particular. How to protect their content from being used for free? There are copyright issues, because every time you download “free music video” content, you are depriving the owner/writer/creator of the music or video, of the royalty they receive based on the number of CD's or authentic websites from which they receive their royalties. Some of these content providers use a set of tools that finely changes the sound and lyrics. In other words they create clones, and therefore there is “no violation” of copyright, speaking legally. But, generally speaking, this is a moral question.

The above is true for new music video downloads, involving as mentioned earlier, copyright issues. There are free music video download sites that offer the user music on which copyright has been extinguished by the lapse of time. Thus, if a country has a 15-year copyright law (i.e. the copyright is for 15 years), it becomes free content after the expiry of that period. Downloading those is perfectly all right.

The question is what you are looking for. If you are looking old music, go ahead and download! It appears from current thinking and research that people are now stretching out for old music with less noise, more words, and better expressions.

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