Is Wine Healthy or Not?

To drink, or not to drink, that is the question. Conflicting reports from doctors and scientist confuse us on the health benefits associated with wine. How can something so intoxicating be good for you? The truth is there are more reports available suggesting the healthy side effects over the unhealthy ones. Of course, anything done in excess is not good for you, and may in fact have a reverse effect on your body and wellbeing. Maintaining moderation of the consumption of wine is one of the answers to reaping the rewards of this "Nectar of the Gods".

Take note that it is not just any wine that is healthy either. White wines are beneficial as well as reds however, studies have shown that red wines are higher in antioxidants than white wines, making it more beneficial to fight heart disease, lower high cholesterol, and preventing arteriosclerosis. Wine has also been shown to kill bacteria that cause ulcers, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, and lower the risk of ovarian cancer in women. Several reports even said the studies revealed that people lived longer and stayed younger by consuming moderate amounts of wine.

It has also been discovered that red grape juice has some of the same effects on the body, Therefore if you'd rather not partake of the alcohol kind of grape drinking you could still get health benefits found in them. You surely don't have to take up drinking alcohol to get healthy. But, if you are already a lover of wines and were concerned about its affect on you have no fear. A glass or two a day of your favorite red may help you sustain a healthier and longer life.

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